Kurage Crisis


J-5 Defense

VS Combined Army

CA wins initiative, chooses to deploy close and second.
Tunguska starts.

Tunguska Proxy and Profile info
Painted Alguacil: Securitate HMG
Heckler: Securitate Paramedic
Aiming Securitate: Fuerbach
Girl Securitate: Multi-Sniper
Aiming Down Securitate: Combi
UHAU: Puppet Master
FastPanda: Puppet FO
Zondbot: Puppet MkL1
Bounty Hunter: Booty ChainRifle
Gromoz: HVT
DataTracker: Hollow Man

Combined Army Proxy and Info
Ariadna Filthy Dog: Overdron
Daturazi with firearms: Kurgat
Unidron Gold Head: Nexus Operative
Speculo Killer: HVT
DataTracker: Dr. Worm

Nomad's second group moves on the battlefield to gain secure positions. We had the option to bring together the Ashcroft Hunting Party, and i have to say that they were a worthy addition. Miranda and her lackey moved in cover, one near the central antenna and the other just behind, covering a firelane with his spitfire.

Our core fireteam, well, they... they tried? Ok so I know securitate are a security force and not an army, but what could we do? Aliens were attacking, man! we shoved some weapons on them and told them to guard the catwalk and shout up if they saw something slimy. It's not our fault if they got into their head that they could be heroes!

Anyway, HMG Securitate-man (I don't remember his name. Phil? Mark? dunno) tries to shoot at their q-drone, and gets absolutely WRECKED. He never even moved outside the overdron line of fire, so he got shot by another HMG and by, uh... some missiles. He's dead, jim.

His Feurbach toting friend tried the same thing (after we spent our resources to reform their fireteam...) with the same results. We elected to leave the drone where it was and to move around it.

Our puppetmaster took initiative and activated his puppets. Let me say this: they are creepy AF. He moved them up the battlefield, while our resident hollow men moved up on the other side to gain control of the other console, before dropping in suppressive fire, commanding a good slice of the field.

Miranda moved again, getting base to base with the console, dodging the overdron missile like it was an animu. awesome.

Lastly, our Lt (the interventor, of course - it's always the interventor) moved in contact with our home console, while our resident journalist climbed up a crate to get a better view of the field.

The Combined Aliens ran on the field, throwing grenades left and right. whaaat?

Then, according to our satellite imagery, a bunch of them moved up to shoot at the Hollow Man, who shouted back something about HAXX while raining suppressive fire on them.

The Charontid (they brought a Charontid! how inconsiderate) opened fire once again on the hollow man, damaging his armor. Wait, isn't it all armor? well, whatevs. Charontid-kun and Hollow-chan kept shooting at each other for a while before Hollow-chan died, still screaming about haxx and noobs and cheap weapons. We got him an energy drink directly in his cortex, and that either calmed him down or killed him. I have to check on that.

The Charontid then moved back on the other side of the field, attacking the Puppits. I'm not sure how, but the puppets managed to shoot back and wound the Charontid. The Puppet-master was talking about "My Pretties" and "Marksman-tan". We are concerned for her.

The Charontid shot again and again managed to get hit, going to NWI; it moved again, gaining smoke cover, and shot again the puppet, who dodged masterfully while the puppetter screamed something about her "jerk game". I seriously do not wish to know more.

Dr. Worm, MD moved toward the badly hurt Charontid, and patched him up easily, ending the turn after the Cha-Cha entered suppressive fire.

We were holding the most console, though, so two points for us.

So, since we lost some securitate and stuff, we elected to spend a command token to move a Zond to the first group. While we were issuing the order, the Warcor tried to snap a pic at the q-drone. The q-drone shot. they both missed.

The puppet-master, while giggling creepily, moved Marksman-tan to shoot at a Daturazi, turning him (it?) to red mist. The other zond then moved up over midfield to include the charontid and the nexus operative in his repeater area.

Mary Problems then proceeded to fry up the nexus operative real good, before trying to Icebreak the Charontid, which dropped out of suppressive fire and resetted his comms equipment. Mary commented very harsly on this.

Our Lieutenant then blinded the charontid via a very well placed white noise, allowing, uh, Marksman-tan to shoot it dead with a single fiery burst. The puppet master commented: "My kokoro goes doki doki". Can we please have her assigned somewher else?

The Daturazi Monkeys, seeing as how death is just over the corner, elected to stay put behind full cover. The overdron then tried again to explode the Bounty hunter.

They shot each other for a good while, but nothing happened at all - either thanks to good armor or good luck, no wounds where registered.
The Combined Army force then once again moved as one, bringin an Ikadron Droid near enough to the Bounty hunter to burn the bounty hunter, which stood in the fire laughing and shooting back.

Again, the overdrone moved with his retinue and shot; under the coordinate fire of missiles and flamethrower, the bounty hunter finally died. That one was a though cookie!

is it a batroid? Is it an antipode? All I know is that it's shooting at us!

The ikadron the moved and opened fire to Miranda, who tried to reach close combat range, but failed and burned to a crisp. Nice job, Miranda!

Dr Worm then moved to cover, ending their assault for now.

Still, we control the most consoles, so: 2 point to nomad, for a total result of 4-0

One of our securitate got trigger-happy and tried to shoot at the Ikadron - which flash pulse'd him into stun. Good job, Securitate!

One of the zond then tried to move up on the field, crossing the firelanes of the overdron and the q-droid, and getting blown to smithereeens for his troubles. Welp.

Our interventor then took the opportunity to spotlight a nearby Ikadron (couldn't she do it befor the securitate shot? shees, man), accomplishing some performance-related objective; she then tried to gotcha! the same Ikadron, succeeding splendidly. again, couldn't she do this BEFORE?

Our Journalist once again tried to snap a picture, and got a bullet in the face for her trouble. why do we insist on bringing this guys around?

The puppet master mumbled something about "absolute defense mode" and moved her puppets to cover the central console, up on a building, while still covering their designated console.

The remaing Daturazi drops a smoke and moves behind its cover toward Puppits, distracting them from the Overdron on their other side, which shoots them; Luckily, Marksman-tan hits it right where it hurts, saving the day.

The Overdron then shoots again at full force, raining fire on two puppets who break down. the Puppetmaster screamed "NANIII!?" before starting to cry.

In another coordinated effort, Worm MD, two Engineering monkeys and the overdron moved again to gain the center antenna - Mary tried to Icebreak the Overdron, but failed.

The Worm Doctor then tried to reach our very own personal antenna - and got shot at by Mary, the Interventor adn even a Securitate for good measure. The worm goes down, baby, but not before wounding hard our very own Mary Problems. She sends her best from the infi9rmary, though, and she said "I got 99 problem but a worm ain't one"

Then, out of nowhere (well, no, out of the overdron) an itty bitty tiny alien got out of the big bad batroid and got to the central antenna. Whaat? can they do that?

All in all, they managed to get their dirty appendages on some of our tech, but we held fast - the firefight ended with a nomad victory for 6 point to 2.

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