Kurage Crisis


Coldsnap strike

VS Haqqislam

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ receiving incoming transmission-+-+-+-

FROM: Duban prospector site
BY: Hospitallier Sandro

“As we responded to later distress call on duban, we got stuck by a storming cold freeze that could kill anyone, then we get a sabotage Qapu Khalqi team that was trying to freeze us all by destroying the unit heater……”

Duban gamble
Fighting haqqislam QK apostol
Overview of the battle and the oponnent
Storming the QK nest

As we saw the movement of the Haqqs mercenaries, we moved fast before the reach the heating units, our Hospitallier Knight Lorenzo was wounded by the Jansarie sniper, and was healed by the Hospitallier Fausto, We move toward shooting all oposition and to control the zone, the fireteam hospitallier magister outflanked the haqqs janiisarie until close quarter where lots of shotgun were shot, awfully wounding and killing Magister Carlos and wounding Sebastian as they heal themselves with their unholy pagan medicine, we set a position in their side as Joan of arc data tracker marked both central antenna and tried to find enemies in the central position.

We turn on both of our heating units keeping warm our troopers as a knight of santiago does, those who confort the traveller.


Knights in the coldsnap position
Yuan yuan assesination
Yuan yuan are attacking us

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