Kurage Crisis


DEUSVulting zhan huo! (Operation White rose)

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VS Yu Jing

######Encrypted Transmission######

From: zhan huo valley, bunker gate
By : Father Knight Luisjoey

“After having hard time land crossing the komstad mountains, since we cannot move by air since zhan huo firebase anti air defense… we manage to get into the beachhead entablished by the hospitallier knights to start the siege of the yu jing nest…. but we get a welcome party with the jing”

Strong defense at yan huo by a guijia
Fumpy its the operative liason of yu jing at tcg store
Overview of the battle at yan huo
Knights vulting the jing position

"FOR YOUR CRIMINALS ACTS YOU HAVE TO SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS FOR THE JUSTICE SAKE" yell knight hospitallier alberto at the huo gate from the bunker... at that moment a formidable figure appears...a guijia tag was in battle suported by a yan huo with hipermagnetic cannon, so the knights know that they couldnt stand that many firepower so they advanced following joan of arc example to the yu jing lane, as they charge the fire was zipping the air as they move with furious zeal, one being isolated by a ninja that was killed by joan of arc, while the rest throw their panzerfaust upon the tag.... scoring a big hole in the forearm that let a proyectile enter and explode inside the tag leaving out of control as the knight break the line shooting with their shotguns in a dire path of blood....

LUM Pi their spec ops was down by a wound that was healed by a zhanshi paramedic, the a sole tiger soldier appears launching fire and flames upon the knights wounding knight avalos to death (we pray for his soon recovery) as the yan huo tries to evade to get a better pñace to shoot as he is damaged with light shotgun salvo....

This was a very aggresive move, reckless but effective, yu jing lane was broken and they retreat soon with an engineer, SPEC OPS Lum Pi and a zhan shi... we consolidate in the zone for #DeusVult gloria...

Konstantinos was attacked by a ninja that falls to his critical reflex
Tiger soldier damage the fireteam with his flamethrower
The broken yu jing strongline...

" We achieve a victory today, but this war its far from over... shall keep the impetu on this attack to storm their greed once for all... japanese deserves to be free from all oppresion and we are liberators...."

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