Kurage Crisis


Osiris team mission 1

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//Debriefing file 2534/ Lieutenant Maize Alhasis /Osiris team mission 1//

Interrogator, “State your name and rank for the record.’’

“Maize Alhasis, Lieutenant of Osiris team.’’

“Lieutenant please state what transpired on the night of twenty-fifth of May between eighteen hundred hours and twenty hundred hours.”

“Osiris team was dispatched to retrieve a jsa delegate from Kurage station along with any intel we could gather. Upon reaching the stations technical support area we encountered a large contingent of jsa forces and were blocked from retrieving the delegate.

“Lieutenant after you spotted the jsa forces what was your reaction?’’

“Upon spotting the jsa forces we proceeded to take cover around the crates that were scattered around the room. I ordered a team of Djanbazans armed with shock marksman rifles and multispectral visors and two Hafzas with heavy rocket launches to take cover on and around a pile of crates to serve as a sniper team along with a Ghulam doctor for support. Next I ordered two Druze to take cover behind a crate on the right side of the room along with a second Ghulam doctor. Finally I ordered a Sebkan an Odalisque a Hafza and a Ghulam to protect are left flank.
As soon as the sniper team made it into position on the top of the crates Keisotsu with a missile launcher, fired a missile launcher at then which missed, while it attempted to reload, the Djanbazans and Hafzas opened fire and obliterated the Keisotsu. After the obliteration of the Keisotsu, the jsa forces took a much more stealthy approach. A single Karakuri sealed a data hub thus preventing us from using it before my snipers could take it out. After the Karakuri died my men saw a flash from the corner of the container right across from them. A few seconds later a pillar of smoke appeared surrounding the corner of the building the Djanbazans pivoted and read a heat signature through the smoke. Firing into the smoke, one of them managed to hit the trooper and bring him down.
Following that, I ordered the Druze and the a Ghulam doctor to go and capture as many data hubs as possible. The doctor ran and managed to secure two data hubs quickly. Meanwhile, the Druze advanced and were greeted by a ninja who made their progress difficult. The first Druze advanced while the second laid covering fire. As the first reached the data hub, he was struck by the ninja’s arrow but still managed to insert the data spike. From their perch, a single Djanbazan saw the ninja peek around the corner. He simply squeezed the trigger avenging his fallen brother.
After that the battle ground to a stand still. The jsa managed to recapture the data hub from us. After we had up loaded what we needed from other two the data hubs we retreated and returned to base.’’

“Good work Lieutenant. Report back here at twelve hundred hours for your next assignment.”

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