Kurage Crisis


A Unwelcomed Surprise

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Major Beph Storqnph
VS Combined Army

In light if the recent and lamentable encounter our forces had with the knights of the Hosplitar Order and their allies, The Old Man Of The Mountain dispatched a strike force from the Hassassin Bahram to neutralize the Hosplitars ability to further wage aggressive actions on Dawn.
The small, though elite force was comprised of a Fire Team of veteran Muyibs, a pair of Fiday and of Asawira, and Barid for cyber support. A Ghulum Lieutenant was placed in charge of the operation based off his service record and familiarity with the Panoc-23 base.
The infiltration went smoothly at first, the Hassassin force reaching a safe area, it was at this point they were engaged by the enemy, though, regrettably not the Forces we had been prepared to face. For instead of facing the Forces of The Hyper Power we were confronted with agents of Combined Army.
The initial exchange of fire, though favorable to our forces was not sustainable for us.
A Maakrep sniper opened fire prematurely on the Muyibs, he was quickly engaged by four members of the fire team and was severely wounded. The gunfire had barely ceased when the members of a Rodok team advanced to the top of a walled compound across a street from the Muyibs position, their HMG opening fire, it managed to leave the Muyib wielding the Heavy Rocket Launcher alive, though barely. Before he went down he and his team mates managed to score a severe hit on machine gunner.
A Q-Drone, previously unseen opens fire on the Muyibs position as well, in the exchange the Drone is disabled but it costs one of the remaining Muyibs his life.
A Rodok paramedic attempts to remotely stabilize and save his comrades life, though it was unsuccessful. A E-Drone discovers the presence of one of our Fidays, though not before the Fiday is able to open fire on it and a Unidron, this act unfortunately had the only effect of ending the Fiday’s life abruptly.
The Muyibs give up their tactical advantage and make the mistake of advancing on the Rodoks. Their Spitfire manages to lightly wound one Rodok before being incapacitated by another Rodok wielding two shotguns. At this time Umbra Legates emerges on the field and engages the Muyibs, it was with horrifying easy that the Umbra carves through the two Muyibs.
The remaining Fiday attempts to stall the advancing E-Drone but is gunned down. The Asawira manage to knock out one of the Unidron and attempt to advance to another firing position but suffer heavy fire and are driven back.
With so few of our troops left alive in such a short time the Lieutenant issues orders to withdraw from the confrontation and bring this new, startling news to High Command.

Though this game started out in my favor it quickly took a one sided turn not in my favor. It was a double first for me though; first time I played a Hassassin Bahram Force and playing against a Combined Army Force. I definitely made some serious tactical errors, I shouldn’t of advanced with the Muyibs, they had a strong firing position that overlooked two objectives. I wasn’t aggressive enough with the Asawira Duo as I should of been and I made a deployment mistake with them, setting them up near the center of the field instead of having the, move up a flank.

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