Kurage Crisis


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Hal Eccles

After receiving a commendation from his efforts in Phase 1 of the Kurage Crisis Lieutenant Durand and his MRRF section of the Ariadnan Normandy Battalion has been sent out on a new mission. The enermy this time? The Hyperpower at their base in Panoc-23. Lieutenant Durand’s mission is to raid the operations centre and retrieve intellegence regarding what the Hyperpower is really up to. The high command does not believe they are on Dawn only to prop up their new vassal state. Only a fool would believe the PanO government cares about the plight of Japanese peasants. They have been launching large scale attacks against the allied Yu Jing facility on Novvy Cimmeria so it would appear the destruction of the Yu Jing forces is their goal. However since the arrival of Aleph at the behest of the new vassal it would appear the Hyperpower may have other plans as well…

Will the MRRF succeeded against the Hyperpower’s superior technology?

Will Lieutenant Durand survive to report back to high command? Read the attached comic strip and find out.

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Credit to the Comic Life 3 App on my Iphone for the Comic creation and to openclipart for the graphics.

Sorry this is a late submission everyone. I been wrestling with making these comics on my phone around work over the weekend. I hope you all enjoy it.

These are my first attempts at comic battle reports so any coc is welcome.

Thanks to Hal Eccles of Altrincham gaming club for a great game and really getting into it. Hopefully I'll convince him to sign up to write reports for the club too next year.

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