Kurage Crisis


AGC - A Song of Viral and Fire

Major Martin
VS Tohaa
Iain Ross

Returning to the Lafayette Control Tower with the data gathered from the Aplekton Lieutenant Durand and his section find it under attack from Tohaa forces. A general retreat is sounding. All Ariadnan forces are being ordered to regroup at the B-Huts and Redoubt areas of the airfield and then to push onto the PANOC-23 base of the Hyperpower. A policy of scorched earth is in effect. Amidst the chaos Lieutenant Durand is able to find the Moblot Sergeant who joined them on the PANOC raid dug in with a few of his comrades. They are under heavy fire. The Tohaa forces have taken the initiative and have already taken one of the PANOC-23 samples. They are coming rapidly for the second. Are they under the pay of the Hyperpower and the AI too? Or are they working to their own ends? Refusing to give up without a fight Lieutenant Durand orders his section to defend the position and retrieve the stolen sample.

Will the MRRF section be able to hold out against the viscous assault of the Tohaa forces? Can they retrieve the stolen sample? Will Lieutenant Durand survive to get his gathered intelligence to the mainland. Read the attached comic strip and find out.

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Credit to the Comic Life 3 App on my Iphone for the Comic creation and to openclipart for the graphics.

Sorry this is a late submission everyone. I been wrestling with making these comics on my phone around work over the weekend and only finished them late yesterday. I hope you all enjoy it.

These are my first attempts at comic battle reports so any coc is welcome.

Thanks to Iain Ross of Altrincham gaming club, the guy I blame for getting me into this infinity malarkey. It’s only the second time he’s run his Tohaa and they have a lovely bright paint job coming along on them.

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