Kurage Crisis


AGC - Cooking Ra'mien with Rockets

Major Martin

Why was that Naga at the PanO Biolab? What was the AI up to? Now the AI had arrived on Dawn in force to respond to the Onyx incursion these questions were vital to answer for the protection of Dawn’s citizens. The mercenary hacker determined a planned meeting location between the AI and PanO representatives at the AI’s new Aplekton on the Island. It is an opportunity to gather more intelligence that cannot be missed. Lieutenant Durand has sent the samples from the PanO Biolab back to the Layfette Airfield with the Moblot Sergeant for shipping to the mainland. Taking the rest of his section and the mercenary hacker his has made his way across the island and infiltrated the Aplekton and have found themselves in some form of garden, walled off from the rest of the high tech facility. What is this place? It is quiet, too quiet… No sentries have been encountered yet… It’s almost like the AI wanted them to make it this far… Then a contact.

Will the MRRF section survive the AI’s ambush? Will they retrieve the intelligence data they have come for? Read the attached comic strip and find out.

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Credit to the Comic Life 3 App on my Iphone for the Comic creation and to openclipart for the graphics.

Sorry this is a late submission everyone. I been wrestling with making these comics on my phone around work over the weekend and only finished them late yesterday. I hope you all enjoy it.
These are my first attempts at comic battle reports so any coc is welcome.

Thanks to Russell Rimmer of Altrincham gaming club, my hi-tech nemesis, for another fun and challenging game. Great to see Ajax on the table for the first time and smashing his way through my forces.

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