Kurage Crisis


Operation: "Deadbolt"

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VS Ariadna
Sgt. Hicks

In the early morning hours, the rising sun broke through the clouds and stole of the cover of darkness away from the infiltrating Ariadna. The grunts had pierced our perimeter in the early morning hours to steal Resources and kidnap the Kuge Delegate in hopes to gain Intelligence and ransom from the JSA. The alarm was raised, and a Quick Response Force was dispatched to deal with the insurgence. The JSA force caught up with the enemy at the Technical Support Area. JSA force was cleared to engage and terminate all enemy forces.

As the JSA entered the area to engage the enemy they found 2 Ariadna Grunts entrenched in their deployment area ready to purge with their Heavy Flamethrowers. Ryuken Unit 9 were quick to react by tossing mines close to the infiltrating grunts. The Kuroshi Rider moved up the Battlefield and eliminated one of the grunts. The second was dispatched by one Ryuken Unit 9 with the combination of her submachine gun and a hidden mine. Now that the deployment area had be cleared the Ryuken with HRL turned its attention to the Fireteam of grunts on the high building covering the battlefield. The Ryuken was put down by a Sniper Rifle shot but was able to fire a rocket that found its mark and took out 3 of the Dawns guard and broke the Fireteam. Now with the area clear of the threat of the fireteam holding down the areas of fire the Shikami was released. He super jumped off the building to move down the battle field tossing nimbus grenades to cover this path. He was able to get to a console and calibrate it for the JSA. The JSA Fire Team of Kempetai, Keisotsu, and a Domoru Butai with a spitfire moved up the battlefield ready to strike.
The Ariadnan Forces quickly responded, they fire up their bikers and moved up the battlefield securing multiple consoles. The US force then bunkered down and went on suppression fire to cover the consoles. Out of the clouds an airborne ranger came down and was able to take out the Kuroshi Rider out of her LOF.
It was time for the JSA FT to move and engage the enemy, the lose of the resources stored in the containers was not acceptable. The Fireteam moved to a corner of a building behind the leadership of the Domoru and engaged the Foxtrot ranger. His spitfire won the fight and knocked the Foxtrot unconscious. With him down they took out Rosie Munroe. With the lane open the FT took the console back. The Daiyokai activated to clear the way for the Shikami, moving up and putting down a Maverick with its Red Fury. This let the Shikami take a console back and then dodge out of the way from the hail of gun fire.
Ariadna forces were on the brink of retreat but they still were holding more consoles. The Desperado Rider impetuously moved into Close combat with the JSA FT and fired off his Chain rifle on the way in. He took out the FO Keisotsu and wounded the Domoru. The Domoru swung but the Desperados armor held strong. Luckily the hackers combi rifle found a weak spot and knocked him unconscious. The ranger on the Far side of the field moved up and was welcomed with a Panzerfaust round from the Diayokai. The FO on the top of the building was able to mark the Diayokai but he was not able to respond back with any lethal force, giving the US a secondary mission accomplishment.
The JSA FT was hurt but not out of the fight. They moved forward and tried to data scan an unconscious Foxtrot with no success. They then moved across the field and took out the sniper on the roof. With the field clear it was JSA last chance to take back as many consoles as possible. A coordinated order was put in and the Doctor and Shikami moved up to consoles with the Ryuken Unit 9 covering their movement. 2 more consoles were taken for the JSA. The Shikami then moved to secure the Kuge Delegate. It looked as if the Day would go to the JSA with a successful defense of its Facility with the retreat of the enemy force due to excessive losses.

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