Kurage Crisis


Nomads strike back

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VS Nomads

We knew they would be back to even the score. The Nomads didn’t wait long to get their revenge. They wanted to take a shot at our data stores in the technical support area. We didn’t see them coming so they had the drop on us and got right to work laying down a smoke screen and hitting the gates of the storage facilities. We knew we were in for a fight when an Iguana emerged through the smoke laying down a mountain of fire and keeping everyone’s head down. The Nomads owned the field until the Kuroshi rider charged into the fight.
The Kuroshi charged the right flank and an Aragato Hacker charged the left right at the Iguna. The Kuroshi weaves through the small arms fire coming her way knocking down the Nomad troopers and their Panda bombs. As she moved along a building a Panda bomb jumped down on her but thankfully bounced off and detonated as she sped away. Turning the corner to engage the Nomads she was met with a hail of bullets and cut down but not before her flamer hit a couple Nomads.
The Aragato Hacker did not have much luck with the Overlord Progam on the Tag and found himself disorientated and without any comms equipment from the programs the Nomad hackers were using on him. His day was not over but he was greatly diminished.
Seeing the danger that the Iguana posed the Ryuken on the roof shed his hiding spot and fired his Rocket at the Iguana and connected! Burn you lizard he shouted! But the fire suppression system on the Tag worked as intended. With the fire out the Nomads once again pressed forward.
The tag opens up on the Ryuken on the roof as soon as the fire was out. Another Ryuken on a distant roof fired as well in response and found its target but not quick enough to stop his friend from being wounded. The Tag was now fully engulfed in fire from the salvo of rocket fire and went offline thankfully. The Nomad smoke show continued and gates were breached.
We need to drive them back yelled the Kempaitai that was rallying the troops.
With that the Keisetsou paramedic and Hacker and a shadowy figure made this way out to secure gates before the Nomads could do too much damage. Saito Togan emerged by a gate and locked it down along with successes from the Hacker and paramedic the tide was turning in our favor. We must hold on!
The Nomads make a final push to get more gates and cause more chaos. What’s that Kuge Delegate doin in the middle of this fight?! We need to protect her at all costs. We lay down a field of fire to protect the delegate but cannot stop them from opening gates! Our last hope is to secure another gate and get Saito out to save the delegate. With the gate secured to even the tide we make a play at going deeper and taking a gate back from the Nomads but as our Hacker rounds a corner he is cut down immediately.
With Saito using smoke to cover his advance he is able to save the delegate and convince the invaders they should get out while they can before the heavy stuff shows up.

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