Kurage Crisis


Enemy raid Stoped

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

Tarik mansury guarding the PAC,
A Djambanzan FF and a Barid Hacker on the rooftop of the purple building. Zuleyka nazarova on the back of the same building
A farzan CoC on the rooftop of the Right building 2 more camos near the centre line.
2 muttawiahs on the Left flank
And a Fiday datatracker out of Suplantation on the central building near the Yujing PAC

The corelink of Crane Ranks near the pack, the BS crane guarding it from coser range, the Spitfire from a building stairs and 2 madtraps close.
A pheasant on the second level of the left building with 2 madtraps, and the TR bot on the back corner of the same building guarding the PAC.
As a hidden deploymet, a ninja waits guarding the left corridor to the PAC from the Fiday

Ninja Hidden deployment, (the fiday is actually on the ground floor)

2 Muttawiahs advance through the left side of the table
Zuleyka Nazarova rushes through the battlefield smoking the streets. The TR bot is unable to prevent it. At flashing speed through the smoke she reaches the Yujing PAC and triggers 3 of the 4 madtraps and receiving lots of enemy fire. Shes violently murdered.

The Hassassin Fiday comes out of the building in an attempt of taking the PAC down but the Ninja Was prepared to counter that movement and kills the Fiday while hes getting out of the building.

One of the Muttas continues It's advance The ninja Shoots and fails and the chain-rifle flack renders him unconscious.

Muttas advancing on the Left and Zuleyka advancing on the right

A Garuda spitfire enters through the right Flank. He takes down Tarik in 2 orders and then, he takes down the Djambanzan.

The Pheasant climbs down to the ground an kills the mutawiah.
The Fireteam repositions to cover more ground
In a coordinated order The pheasant and the Garuda enter Suppressive fire

The last muttawiah enters the central building, passes thoug the door triying to jammer the pheasant but it ends up inmovilized by the remaining madtrap
A Bashi bazouk enters from the Left Flank and kills the Pheasant
An Old school Hunzakut advances through the central building and plants a repeater near the PAC.

A Tuareg assault Hacker appears and tries to take some asset from the Left panoply but it fails.

Mutta Inmovilized, Pheasant unconscious and Hunzakut planted a repeater

The Corelink beggin It's move. The spitfire Crane Shoots down the bashi bazouk. The hacker performs Faery dust. They enter the repeater zone with a double move but they pass all the BTS rolls. They enter the Killing lane and the BS crane bursts 3 shots against the Immobilized Mutta (the template catching the Hunzakut and the repeater). Hunzakut, mutta and repeater end up in pieces. The CG hacker ends up unconscious. They continue through the hall and after a couple of BS bursts the Tuareg ends up dead.

A camo marker makes a move move, the crane is able to discover the Al'Hawwa but it ends up out of LoS. He runs to the PAC exploiting a dead angle and detonates a couple of D-Charges that destroy the data-PAC

The Corelink advance again, the xi zuang and the BS crane take some goods from the panoply and then the Rush through the battlefield to the enemy PAC. On the last couple of orders they GangRape the Pack without mercy on CC

Kick that PAC until It becomes a pile of garbage!!

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Yu Jing