Kurage Crisis


Turn the Tables

VS Haqqislam
Arabian Knight
The "TABLE" set up. Not quite room for a 4x4 so 2x4 and 150pts will have to do.
Arabian Knights
Force of the USARF RECON ONE lead by Lt. Esmond


Open Channel: This is Lt. Esmond to all localized forces. The Tohaa have made a real mess here. It's time to pack up and make an orderly withdrawal. Our secondary object is to prevent any of our mobile equipment to fall into the hands of opportunistic hostile forces. Consider ALL non-Arianda forces green lit for engagement. No one is here to help us lads, it's just us.

Jarvis: Hey, Lt. looks like we have some Haqqs moving up on that unsecured data console.

Lt. Esmond: Well, we're not paying you to bring those rockets back!

Jarvis: Aye Ma'm!


OOC: My buddy won the Lt. roll and chose deployment and I took turn one. He only placed three Gulams on the board and a Fasid, so I knew there must be something hiding about, but I risked it and ran forward to engage the exposed Fasid. This was the first time I've run a full five man core team of Marauders. I would be very pleasantly surprised. They were able to kill the Fasid in one burst of rockets.

Jarvis: Fasid is down.... er up..... Actually, Lt. he's kind of everywh -

Lt. Esmond: That's enough chatter.

Jarvis: We're moving up the left flank now. I... what the [CRACK] [Rapid Firing] Damn. Where the hell did she come from?

OOC: I continued to press forward with the Marauder core. I knew if he had an TO Sniper on the second floor of that building it was going to be trouble. Thankfully, he made a not great deployment choice, which we talked about later. The TO Sniper was placed on the corner of the building in close range bands. Using the HRL Marauders Assault pistol, I was able to overcome the TO + Cover rather easily.

Say hello to my little friend! Seriously, it was just a little assault pistol.

Sgt. Colm: All right ladies, we're moving into close quarters now. Get that boarding shotgun up here. Stay frosty.


Forgot about that little mine... Thankfully my marauder got a crit dodge and dodged both the mine and the ARO from the Gulam. He then won the subsequent shootout with the Gulam.
Turn one for AK started with only two Guhlams on the board. Thankfully, reinforcements were on the way.

OOC: Turn one ended with the Marauder team killing a Gulam and disabling a mine the old fashioned way. The Marauder also picked up the date becon and ran back around the corner.

Turn one for Haqq was not great. He did drop in whatever the Jump pack soldier with a spitfire is called. Unfortunately he scattered poorly and was killed by ARO. He was able to move up a Gulam on the room and put a Marauder down.

Turn two would have started Haqq in Loss of Lt. and only one order. so AK conceded. Rough game with a lot of learning. I learned that a 5 man core of Marauders probably shouldn't be used at 150 if it's going to be fun for the opponent. :(

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