Kurage Crisis


Battle for Kurage Station: Deadbolt

VS PanOceania
Cinderella Cenobite

Battle Date 07/03/2018

JSA Forces defended Kurage station from an oncoming PanO Military Order’s strike force. Led by Takeshi Neko Oyama the valiant JSA fought hard to reconfigure the gates and keep PanO from controlling the station. While the Kuge Delegate was lost, it was a hard fought battle.
Turn 1
Turn 1 saw an advance of the JSA forces as a JSA Aragoto hacker reconfigured two of the gates. The Aragoto with a spitfire advanced on the PanO forces to try and take out a Knight link HMG but was killed. The Domaru/Tanko link with Tak moved up to secure a high building and place a missile launcher on the top as well as take out the Knight HMG. On PanO’s turn De Fersen moved up and took out the missile launcher Tanko and PanO secured a decent chunk of the board making turn 2 difficult for JSA.
Turn 2
On turn 2 the JSA forces engaged full throttle and a Shikami went after Joan. The Shikami gunned her down with an assault pistol while flying from building to building. The Aragoto hacker secured two more gates for a total of four and the Shikami secured a fifth before being ARO hacked by De Fersen. On PanO’s turn the Tech Bee moved up and secured a gate on their side while De Fersen got into a defensive position with virtually his entire link intact.
Turn 3
JSA had to make a push forward and lock down De Fersen. The Domaru Tanko link moved up and Tak got blinded by the Warcor while one Knight Hospitaller did a total of four wounds taking out a Domaru and a Tanko before getting killed herself. Two Domaru including Tak engaged De Fersen and De Fersen actually managed to wound one of them before the JSA ended their turn. On PanO’s turn the Tech Bee continued to do work by moving up and securing a gate from the JSA leaving the JSA with just four and PanO with two. With little to do due to a lack of orders and some locked down fire lanes the Tech Bee moved up to secure the Kuge delegate scoring a total victory of 4-3.
The JSA managed to defend the station and keep PanO from reconfiguring the gates. Now as phase 2 approaches the Mercenary forces hired by JSA will do combat with the PanO Military Orders as revenge for the bold attack on Kurage Station.

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