Kurage Crisis


Heading to the Control Tower (10/07/18)

VS Yu Jing

300 points, limited insertion, spec ops, soldiers of fortune Custom Mission – Unmasking

In this contest we played the codes that guarded a designated goal of Yu Jing, however we arrived when the troops of Yu Jing were already prevented, and Sun Tze has begun to give orders and coordinate his combat group

The troops of the celestial guard have started to throw smoke grenades through their deployment area, expecting that our host did not have viewers, the Hsien has prepared to open fire, cornered a Sukeul and eliminating our entire blast shooter, Le Muet

Aelis = Uhahu, Gao Rael = Le Muet, Kosuil = Taqeul

Our lieutenant has begun to flank, and together with his unit Chaksa have dispatched a troop Kuang Shi, to continue advancing and annihilate with viral ammunition the agent Phaisan rank, as last position our lieutenant Rasail has reached safe area of ​​Sun Tze eliminating it with viral bursts and the flamethrower of the chaksa

Our Datatracker killed by Hsien
Chaksa making his 2nd critical pistol hit (Sakiel is the Rasail proxy)

Punished but not surrendered, the imperial service has repeated tactics, smoking the area and sending his unit Hsien for our troops, being eliminated the Taqeul and our trusted datatracker, at the same time that his datatracker Xi Zhuang took a position to protect the rearguard from Hsien

Our counterattack has been forceful, Uhahu has extracted the data to reveal a decoy and although it was not the objective it has given us a trick to work with, so while they were going to the area, the Rasail together with their chaksa unit have surpassed the hsien who has been executed with two shots of the Chaksa's gun at the same time that the viral ammunition ended with Xi Zhuang.

It was shortly after the chaksa also performed the lure of the target when the imperial service, tactically overcome, was forced to withdraw from the battlefield, leaving the freeway to Lefayette

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