Kurage Crisis


So close yet so far away

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Yu Jing
VS Ariadna

My list:
The usual ISS plan. Use Kuang Shi to cover my deployment zone, 3 CG + Spitfire Crane + Xi Zuang core link to wreck havoc. I also had a warcor and a FO celestial guard for some annoying AROs and a Ninja in hidden deployment to go for his LT and/or designated target.

Sebbi list:
I didn’t know much about it, but there was only one camo token which is unusual and by its placement it has to be a cateran (or a very confused SAS 🙂 ).

Sebbi won the initial lieutenant roll and wisely he choose to be the first to act. He had to deploy first of course, and gone very one sided to my right flank. That made it possible to cover most of his routes with flash pulses and evil Kuang Shi’s with chain rifles. MadTraps were deployed also.

During his fist turn my defense plan was working mostly, FOs doing what they had to do, and Xi Zuang while died for the cause caused a lot of problem for the Caledonians.

My first turn was characterised by not able to put down a smoke (3 commands needed) to achieving almost nothing from my LGL bombardment (she was the data tracker by the way). I overextended and wanted to kill the designated target too much, instead of concentrating on the battle.

What followed was a quite interesting skirmish. The two big wolves couldn’t really do much during the battle they were either blinded by flash pulses, shot by random Kuang Shi pistols and CG shotguns from far away, or at one time jumped into the middle of combat realising he is not in range.
On the other hand the Galwegians saved the day, made 10+ armor saves and while half the ISS shooting them they killed the designated target(from and impetuous move, before he could bring his data tracker to finish the job), run to my link chain rifling down most of the CGs.

The Wallace + wulver link tried to get my (then quite) lonely crane, but against all odd he dodged, rolled saves and generally been an annoying little agent. One wulver also get into close combat with my CG.

In my last turn I gambled on my last chance: the KHD ninja who was in hidden deployment near the Caledonian designated target and with luck could reach Wallace as well. After moving around the buildings, avoiding the cateran sniper’s LOF I managed to engage the designated target in close combat. Wasted two orders on this, because as usual designated targets didn’t really care about DA weapons. So after he finally died (and my ninja still alive which I considered an achievement 😀 ) I had enough orders to just reach the back of Wallace if I do nothing but move. Straight through the catreran’s LOF, luck was on my side, he missed two shots, I rolled one armor save. Then shot Wallace in the back, his armor (and NWI) saved him.

That was the end, I lost 2(designated target) vs 4(designated target + more army points at the end).

The wulver and the smoke GL CG decided the battle is over anyway, there is no need to act all excited so they left to drink a beer.

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