Kurage Crisis


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VS Yu Jing

This report I am from the tournament held on July 21. This tournament was successful for me and I was able to take the second place. I managed to agree with my opponents that we are playing this tournament mission on Lafayette. This is a report on the third game of the tournament. Mission: Supplies.
I want to describe this mission because it was very violent. It is worthy of reporting.
The first move on the ISS. In the first group there are 3 Kuang Shi, Agent Crane rank, 3 of the celestial guard, Ryu Shi, Xi Zhuang, a war corr. In the second group of 4 Kuang Shi, the celestial guard, TR-bot, Sophotect with the bot, pangguling.
Ryг Shi under the smoke shoots Chaksa with a machine gun, makes the Gao-Rael sniper lie down. A ninja appeared and stole the Central Supply. Sophotect under the smoke took the left Supply. For the remainder of the orders they run away with Supply to his deployment area.
I was faced with a difficult task. It was necessary at all costs to recapture at least one box. But I was very much disturbed by enemy TR-bot and Ryu Shi in a state of suppression. A solution was found. Rasail. He quickly finished with Ryu Shi. The Clipsos easily beat TR-bot. This opened the path of the Rasail further. Cut have achieved a lot. I disabled the palm of Lu Dan, which was disguised as buggage. And most importantly, he killed an Agent Crane rank. It was an enemy Lieutenant.
Without command enemy little could do. He was just trying to improve his defense a little. Celestial guard repositioned. Sophotect fixed TR-bot. Kuang Shi tried to destroy Clipsos, but they failed. Clipsos was able to evade all templates.
It’s time for the massacre. Rasail destroyed almost all of the celestial guard. Clipsos killed TR-bot again. Unfortunately Rasail can’t live forever. The last of the celestial guard gets the last critical hit. But he is replaced by Igao. He’s finishing the job. At the end of the stroke it is critical next to the Ninja.
On the last move, the enemy plans to get rid of the main threat in the face of Igao. Ninja is trying to shoot him with a bow. But Igao with shotgun is better at shooting. Ninja’s unconscious. Sophotect sent his bot to help. Bot successfully cured ninja. She stood up and rushed into melee. With a deft wave of the katana, she deals serious damage to Igao.
Dangerous situation. If I can’t get the supply, I’ll lose the game. The first thing the specialist Cuellar captured free supply. Then the Clip went on the attack on the ninja. Shooting. CRITICAL HIT FOR 5! On the remains of orders, I have time to get a trunk from another group to supply next to the ninja.

It was a very intense game. It will be remembered for a long time.

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