Kurage Crisis



VS Haqqislam

This report I am from the tournament held on July 21. This tournament was successful for me and I was able to take the second place. I managed to agree with my opponents that we are playing this tournament mission on Lafayette. This is a report on the first game of the tournament. Mission: Antenna Field.

The assassins seized the initiative and rush into battle. In the army they have link Asawira, Ayyar, 2 camo, Lasiqs and others. But thanks to my successful arrangement, they can not achieve much success. Fiday came on my Gao-Rael sniper. So two pistol shots struck the assassin. But while the sniper was distracted, Asawira with Spitfire shot him. Muttawi’ah took a good position to control the table. Asasira controls the antenna in the enemy zone of deployment. All the assassin troops are coming closer to the center of the battlefield.
It was my turn to advance. The triad (Sakiel, Makaul, Aelis) takes the antenna nearest to me. Taqeul the result of a long firefight kills Muttawi’ah and two Asawira. Lasik and model with panzerfaust took sniper positions gives tatula to move forward.
Score 1:1.
The second move was unsuccessful for the opponent. All he could do was take the antenna in the center of Ayar. I also killed a lot of assassins on Aro. In turn, I had a paratrooper from the right edge on the center. He released the Central antenna. He took the far right.
Score 3:1
On the last move the opponent has quite a few models. Lasik kills paratrooper. Doctor heals Ayar. But made a mistake and placed Ayar extremely vulnerable.
On my turn, I easily dealt with it. My datatracker was even able to reach the antenna in the enemy half of the table.
The score 7:1.

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