Kurage Crisis


Idle Hands are the Devil's Playthings

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VS Ariadna


With the Haqqislam mission to Novvy Cimmeria largely complete with the defense of the Nomad Nation J-5 kommstat complete, the majority of the Haqqislam reinforcements that had been brought in during the conflict had begun to ship off-planet. However, with hostilities generally over it left a lot of amped up spec ops soldiers with little to do but drink, fight, and carouse.

Now, the forces of Haqqislam do exceptionally well "keeping it in their pants" when on duty on foreign soil, but you can't begrudge even a good soldier the occasional libation. Such was it that we found ourselves at Cherry's bar, an outpost turned drinking hole somewhere south of the Duban prospecting site, so named for a hasty defense led by SAS operative Uxia "Cherry" McNeill during her formative years. The blood stain left the antipode whose head she crushed on the bar remains to this day.

We found ourselves with little to do but enjoy the powerful ales and stouts cooked up by the Caledonia highlanders. However, trouble was brewing. Hassassin legend Al Djabel got in an argument with William Wallace and Tearlach McMurrough over "who would win in a fight." Well, it wasn't long before tempers flaired and a hasty wargame was organized to see just who would win in a fight: master assassin Al Djabel or peerless warrior William Wallace. "Haqqislam biotech beats aleph robotics every day of the week! was heard yelled as the two forces took up positions. McMurrough demanded that the Haqqislam forces take the first turn because they were "puny tiny men."

Puny tiny men!
While the big wigs argue, the comm tech, warcor, fanous, and daylami party on the dance floor.
The wargames begin! The hassassins are eager to prove their prowess, while the Caledonia's stand back out of fear!
The Hassassin force assembles for a group picture before their uniforms get covered in paint.

It's Uxia! No it's not! It's worse!

Our mutts charged forward, eager to engage the Caledonians with their paint-loaded chain rifles. However, with their first moves they spotted what they believed to be the legendary spec ops trooper Uxia McNeill, and moved to reveal her to the world. Much to their disappointment, it was an SAS operative also weidling a chain rifle and bearing down on the Muyib link team! The Muttawi'ah layed down a smoke screen, which allowed the team to delicately extricate itself and take down the SAS from outside of his effective engagement range.

WIth the immediate threat eliminated, the Muyib team reformed and--with considerable time and ammunition expenditure--downed the enemy Cataran sniper holding down the Caladonian's left flank, and put the Warcor-on-the-wrong-team out of action as well. They then moved up to engage the volunteer link team, but they had to move into the open to do it. Despite the superior firepower, the Highlander Grey supported by the volunteer corps shot with truer aim, and the lead Muyib with the spitfire went down.

A SAS operative is revealed right next to the Muyib team; panic ensues, but the SAS goes down without causing any casualties.
The Cataran snipe is unconscious, but the Muyibs and their muttawi'ah support cannot withstand the AP HMG fire from the Caladonia link team.

Not so Puny Now!

With the link team stymied on the right flank, our muttawi'ah attempted to lay down another smoke screen , but fell victim to the highlander grey as well. With our offensive troopers out of action, the Caladonia link team was able to move to the Cataran sniper and revive her via careful application of a medkit. After that, our left flank was charged by the fearless doggo and part-instigator of the wargames: Tearloch McMurrough!

With smoke cover from the Galweigens, he advanced to within spitting distance of a daylami and our Asawira team leader. Spitting derision about the puny hassassins the whole way, he let loose with twin sprays of paint from his tuned down chain rifles. Both covered in "you're dead" paint, the daylami and Asawira poured fire into McMurrough, also knocking him out of the game. All participates in the immediate area let loose with their best sheepish grins.

McMurrough, an Asawira, and a daylami all go down in a flood of paint rounds.

Oh, that's a thing eh?

With the left and right flanks both in tatters, the remaining muttawi'ah decided to charge up the center, straight through Cherry's bar. However, when the first muttawi'ah moved through the door, he learned something heretofore unknown by the Hassassin forces: Scots Guard have access to missile launchers! A paint missile screamed through the front door to Cherry's and hit the charging Muttawi'ah square in the face (crit!)! At the same time, the blast caught the second Muttawi'ah and Leila Sharif in the blast. The mutt ducked out of the way, and Leila almost made it but took enough paint to be "rendered unconscious." She sat down with a glare and the Muttawi'ah now sheepishly walking off the field covered from head to toe in red paint.

However, with the Scots Guard revealed he was easy prey. A daylami was able to move up and quickly dispatched him with a blast of light shotgun fire. (A later healing attempt would see the Scots Guard removed from the field permanently.)

With the Scots Guard down, our Muyibs attempted to remove the last remaining long range threat on the left flank in order to allow our Asawira to heal and move up the field. Unfortunately, volume of fire was again not enough to down the second Cataran sniper, and despite her healing last time, this time Leila Sharif took enough paint to be declared DOA.

The daylami blasts the Scots Guard to "unconsciousness" with his light shotgun.
Leila Sharif just cannot manage to take down the second Cataran sniper, and walks off the field in a huff.

Al Djabel strikes...with green painted gloves!

Having watched our casualties mount and the Caledonians shrug of hits that would have pulped a fusilier, we knew it was time for drastic action. Al Djabel surged forth towards William Wallace! Although they identified him just before he struck, he was able to engage Wallace before anyone could take a shot at him.

While Wallace wound up for a haymaker-of-a-swing, Al Djabel darted in and drew a green smiley face on his chest, told Wallace "you're dead," and smirked deeply. Wallace's swing then connected, leaving a huge red streak along Al Djabel's chest. "Well, I guess we're both dead."

Having grown tired of bar tending, AL Djabel took up a new career: MURDERING WILLIAM WALLACE!
Al Djabel and Wallace go down in a pile of red and green paint. Everybody dies. The Highlander Grey walks up and writes "coup de grace" on Al Djabel's pauldron for good measure.

Back For a Pint!

With both Lieutenant's down, the two forces called the fight and headed back to the pub for drinks, now on much better terms. A review of the battle records through a popular forum on Maya found that the Caladonians had narrowly beat the Hassassin force, with the key play being revival of the right flank Cataran sniper. However, respect between the Hassassin and the Caladonians had increased now that they had seen each others fighting prowess, and any remaining hard feelings were removed through the mutual imbibing of those delicious ales and stouts.

One hopes that open war between Ariadna and Haqqislam will never come to pass, as they are fierce and honest warriors, and to come to blows with such an honorable foe would be a tragedy indeed.

Farzan Rubie
Planet Dawn
Duban Task Force 7

The two forces enjoy several barrels of Ale on the roof of Cherry's following the end of "hostilities."

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