Kurage Crisis


The Hunt for Mr. Vega

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Combined Army
VS Nomads

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(Mission was Flee or Die, The Nomads as Defenders)
Light flickered into being and so did her mind. It was bright and it hurt, almost as much as her head.
“Easy there soldier.” Came a gentle voice and the light was dimmed, her head cleared and she saw a smiling doctor at her side. She had beautiful green hair and a tanned complexion, Minerva almost was jealous of that.
“Where am I?”
“In the infirmary of the J-5 Kaserne, be calm.”
Minerva nodded weakly and sat herself up.
“I think your superiors want a report.”
A screen popped up and showed an impatient looking man.
“Good to see you alive Ortega. What happened? Where is Mr. Vega?”
“Unknown Sir. I heard of his arrival from his detachment of Mobile Brigadas, who guarded him during the negotiations here. The Lt. is an old friend of mine. Did he survive?”
“Yes, he was burrowed out and is recovering.”
She was relieved.
“So as the Aliens attacked the floor on which Mr. Vega was was compromised. For some reason he ended up in the waste recycling system.”
“What? Why?”
“I don´t know Sir. As we didn´t want him processed I rushed to the entry points. His Bodyguards accompanied me there and I snatched up everyone in the Golden Noodles booth.”

Nomad Detachment

“We came to the right floor, where the ceiling already started to give in (The dangerous terrain area), I had identified the three exit points where he could be and we moved in. I, the Moran, Scarif (EVO) and the doc, were centre to right and our Jaguar and the Brigadas on our left.”

“The Combined also was here already, we had movement on our right, an Ikadron remote and a Servant bot, a Morat and an EI node, which had landed through some cracks, were in the middle, another Morat with a large rifel (Kurgat Mk12), a creature identified as Nexus and a blurry Signal (Shrouded who had failed the Infiltration roll, with a 10, a 9 would have been good) were on our left.”

“We lost no time and the Brigadas moved in to the first hatch on the left, they were far off and were attacked by a sniper on their way, which wounded the man with the Flamer. They backtracked and the Missile Launcher attacked the Malignos on the roof. The Shasvastii ducked into cover (Dodged the Missiles). Red-5 (The Hacker) tried to pry open the hatch, but needed two attempts. She was hit by some debris from the ceiling (19 for WIP triggered the dangerous terrain, but she saved) Red-Team advanced further into the enemy lines.”
“Red-3 (HMG) attacked the two Morats and shot down the one with the rifle (Kurgat) while the one with the Shotgun (Raktorak) dodged the bullets. Red-4 (ML) had climbed the roof by now and hefted a missile into the Morat, which took it out and the EI Node (Imetron) behind it.”
“By now also the Moran had advanced to my right, as I wanted him near the next hatch.”

“Red 2 to 4 reported sudden movement, a second later I saw the feed and it was a Sphinx! I screamed at them to get out of there but it came around the corner and flamed Red 1 and 3, 1 (Lt) dodged the flames, but 3 (HMG) went dark (unconscious). It circled back and fired a salvo into 1, who tanked the hit, but was struck by debris (1 wound to environment). It came at him again immediately and bathed all but Red 4 in flames, while trying to engage 1 in CC. 2 bathed it in flames (2 saves made), 5 tried to hack it (saved the Overlord), it got hit by a shotgun blast from 1 (lost a wound here) and some debris (saved). The debris covered 1 completely and he was taken out (another wound to the environment). 2 and 5 both died in the flames though.”
“Silently another figure had walked on (Ko Dali, really stupid move here!) and it advanced together with the Nexus, the other Shasvastii (Shrouded) and the Sphinx to turtle behind the building.”

This one is to show off...

“With Red 1 down, the Gold Team fell into Chaos (Lt down), I shouted a them and the Moran advanced to the hatch pried it open and found only more pieces of the suitcase (Secondary Package) and duck behind a hedge like wall. (with by command tokens transformed orders) Scarif put up some Fairy Dust and Red-4 sought a better position on the roof. The Nexus tried something (hack her), but luck was on our side and a piece of debris struck him down (rolled a 20 for the Gotcha and died to the Arm roll…Loss of Lt for the CA!)”

“Before we could do more the Sphinx ran up the building and attacked Red-4, she tried to put a Missile into it, I saw the feeds, it speeded beneath her arm and the missile hit the ceiling! Thrice curses the roof came down and buried Red-4, I could see the beast from my position it just stood there. The Sniper brought down the wall behind which the Moran had sought cover and was killed by him, nastily (4 wounds). (3 orders were transformed into regular ones). The Sphinx ran towards our lines and shot at Gold-3 (Daktari), she survived the hit, but her Zondbot was squashed by the machine.”

“The Sniper had a go at me, but I smoked his vision, stupid frog! The map showed me movement and soon after flames erupted everywhere. The damned alien burned down the whole garden section to get me! (Intuitive attacks through the smoke) Then I don´t know, something hit me in the head and was out.”
(End with 0-0 Objective points, 223 CA to 75 Nomad Victory points, we called it a fair Draw)

The man grimaced.
“Well more troops arrived and the CA fell back for now, but the section is hardly traversable right now. I´ll send a team to look for Vega, if he still is alive. Rest up. You will be back in no time.”
“Yes, sir. Looking forward to it.”
(A crazy game full of dumb decisions, starting with the list, but I wanted the Sphinx, I just painted it on Monday. The dangerous terrain was really dangerous though, 2 Brigadas and my LT in ARO who also was my last specialist… fell to it. We both thought half the time OMG, what should we do now. In the end a hard stalemate for the campaign intro, which is cool)
CA Kill Board
Sphinx: 5 Mobile Brigadas, 1 Zondbot
Malignos: Moran
Ikadron: Lupe Balboa

Where is Mr. Vega? Still a mystery.

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  • Tristan228 says:

    Good batrep!

  • Nekrat says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Makes all the headaches of the game more bearable;)

  • SilverPantsBlue says:

    Killer report!!! Love the narrative and all the awesome photos!! Glory to the EI!!!

  • Nekrat says:

    @Hardy I don´t know where the blank spaces come from… The Sphinx is a monster, therefore I will field it not so often, otherwise I´ll have no one to play against soon 😉

  • Hardy says:

    Love seeing the sphinx on the table! Lots of space in the report, not sure why.

  • Nekrat says:

    Thanks for the praise. Makes all the work easier:) The Renders will fight ON.

  • Spitfire_TheCat says:

    Good report, the orange miniatures look like CB renders. I think that adds an interesting note 🙂

  • Graviton says:

    Excellent report, It’s doing the stupid massive blank spaces bug. Just kinda adds suspense in between excellent pictures.