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It was a dark cave, only dim light emitted from a chemical light on the ground. The dead hands of an Ariadnan Scout still clutching it. A large Morat with a scar over his right eye stepped over the dead body. Without a sound the air flickered and a Shassvastii appeared before him.
“Hchvat, you return with success?”
“Hosuk Nekrat. Indeed I do.”
The Morat slit his eyes.
The Shasvastii seemed to stretch itself.
“We were lead by the Skiavoros and approached the antennas. The radiation was intense, but no Cyberspecialist among us to use it. Take a look at our detail.”

Attack Force

The Morat seemed approving of the setup.
“The humans, denominator Nomads, subcategory Corregidor, appeared to stop us”

Defending Force

“I removed the obstacle on the roof in front of me, it was subcategory Moran. Then our Fraacta appeared to shoot the defending drone, subcategory Lunokhood, out of order. Now the way was clear for our Umbra to advance, as well as our Zerat (who was the Datatracker and failed her Infiltration roll) and the Fraacta to get into better positions. I laid low to avoid attention, as the Skiavoros ordered, I thought it a mistake.”
The Morat grumbled at this.
“Our Zerat advanced and put a bullet into the target, subcategory Dataspecialist; acquaintance of Vincent Vega. And three more to finally stop him from breathing, she also riddled the drone, subcategory Lunokhood, with more holes, but it remained standing. One time the shotgun blast almost hit the mechanic, subcategory Clockmaker, behind it. The Umbra, Skiavoros, Fraacta and I sprayed the vicinity to repel aggression (suppressive fire).”

Paving the way.

“The mechanic, subcategory Clockmaker, avoided the sight of the Umbra and Maakrep to attack the Zerat. She fell to the ground wounded. Then he repaired the drone, subcategory Lunokhood, and it reconnected its bombs, suncategory Crazy Koalas. This was unfortunate.”
The Shasvastii stretched again.
“Had I been present I might have prevented that, but I had to lay low because I was ordered.”
“I see.”
“Their infowar specialists, subcategory Alquacil one male one female, had tried to mark the Zerat before attacking but were unsuccessful. They were successful to mark the Fraacta though. The enemy leader, subcategory Intruder, started to throw grenades out of sight onto her, she was hit and retreated, where she cpuld avoid the second one. She entered her survival state though. They treid to mark the Skiavoros as well, but it repelled the attack. It was then shot by the large fire team, subcategory Jaguar, with a Panzerfaust and was destroyed, utterly. The Aspect manifested in the Fraacta. Their leader returned to cover (recamo).

That did indeed hurt!

Our Daturazi on the left ran towards the men who did this and was hit by a glue gun and stuck into place (Smoke with 18 and a crit from the ADHL…). The other Daturazi didn´t move. I once more removed the drone, subcategory Lunokhood, to pave the way for the Fraacta. The Aspect ran with the Fraactas body forward and fired into the drone, damaging it further. Later she reached the cover of the Hacker, subcategory Alquacil male, and shot him down. Their leader, subcategory Intruder, remained in hiding right next to this.”
“What now?”
“Instead of attacking their leader, the Aspect jumped the wall, fired at the mechanic, subcategory Clockmaker, the other Hacker, subcategory Alquacil female, and was shot at by the fire team, subcategory Jaguar. The mechanic went down, the Hacker survived the impact and the Fraacta was glued stuck. Depriving us of the Aspects active participation.”
“I see.”
“The Maakrep, and the Kurgat assumed defensive positions.”

Paving the way, again.

“In response the fire team, subcategory Jaguars, advanced covering it with smoke dense enough to block the Maakrep. They ran up to our node an their first born, subcategory Senor Massacre, shot the node (HVT, crit) and the Kurgat, who laid a mine instead of defending himself. Locking the team in place. Awhile ther leader, subcategory Intruder, marched towards the antenna close to him, the Daturazi and I spotted him and I shot him down on the way further (crit). The Hacker, subcategory Alquacil female, ran up next, I put her down too.”
“Hmm, well done.”
“The team moved again. I the Noctifier showed itself to fire as well as did the Umbra and the mine exploded. They evaded all this attacks simultaneously. Impressive primitives.”
The Morat looked thoughtful.
“One, subcategory Bandit, was left and made a run towards the Umbra and got killed as he tried to shot him with his shotgun.” (Crit)

That also hurt!

Our active Daturazi smoked the corner, and the first born, subcategory Senor Massacre, smoked himself as well. The Maakreep fired through the smoke and wounded three fighters, subcategory Jaguar, who all remained standing (V:Dogged). He also was killed by the last one of them. (Crit with the shotgun Jaguar and another wound) I, the Umbra, the Noctifier and last Daturazi assumed defensive position, I with suppression fire, the other three at the antennas, to keep the network down.”

“As a last resort they scanned our node (HVT, for classified) and the scout, subcategory Moran, tried to shoot down the Daturazi at the central antenna. He smoked his vision. The last fighter, subcategory Jaguar ran forward and engaged the Daturazi in close combat. I put a bullet through his head, but he managed to bring the Daturazi low. As I said impressive.”

What an end. Damn Jaguars!

“What then?”
“We took our leave, with the network down long enough for our fellow teams to reach their destination.”
“As you wish Hosuk. For the next time we work alongside.”
The Shasvastii vanished into the darkness. The Morat stomped on the light to squash it out. Darkness fell.
(A very close game with 7-6 with some stupid decisions, and an awesome CC to end it. Too close for my comfort, I really have to train more with my CA)

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