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Flirting with Fortuna

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Combined Army
VS Nomads

(First the regular soundtrack)
(Mission was Dark Mist, as we close in on finishing the Dire Foes package, it plays after our first two reports, we also played in Hard mode and took a 2nd classified, reducing the points for the CommTech, in this case Information Stringer)
Sound pressed into the room as the Intruder slammed the door shut. Suddenly it was calm and he turned to the woman he just had drown out of the fire. Her comlog tagged her as Andromeda Masters, freelance stringer, she was dishevelled but still remained some posture. Also she seemed to tax his body.
“Thank you for getting me out of there before bombing everything.”
He shrugged. The old Yu Jing settlement was abandoned anyway, so the Dark Mist control nodes and the alien forces were decimated.
“I need to talk to your superiors about the alien plans.”
Without commentary he opened a channel, then a warning flashed up on his comlog and he rushed outside. She remained with an open channel to an Nomad commander.
“Greetings, we need to talk.”
“Indeed Ms. Masters, but I need some Intel on the ground first. I assume you were in the midst of everything, as usual, and can give me an account. What happened to my detachment to repel the aliens?”

On our way to the front lines.

"They came in and ran into the arms of the waiting aliens. Wait a second I have an account of their composition and positions on file. The first one is a patchwork though."

Probably the enemy army.

„The aliens were here for the Dark Mist controls, to use the nanite swarms to weaken the structure of your compound.”
“I know Ms. Masters, you leaked that info last time to our agent, though we had to decipher it from her comlog.”
“Yes, they wanted to mix it with the virus they stole from there.”
“That is new, but unfortunate. Go on please.”
“Well the Charontid started attacking your forces right away. I hate those things. It ran forward and shot your Salyut Zond, which hit it square (crit) also one of your Koalas exploded against it for no effect. It then moved to the side and shot again at your Salyut, but to no avail (Charontid and Salyut Crit). Two of the small drones, Unidrons exactly, and the Charontid advanced into new positions. One of the Unidrons tried to tight beam into one of the nanite antennas, but was hit by Salyut (crit, Unidron Dogged and he missed…).That thing was relentless and tight beamed again, this time succeeding. I started to worry.”
“Understandable. What was the Morat doing?”
“The Witch soldier close to me shuffled around, doing nothing important. The Charontid then advanced further and engaged the Gecko. It was hit by the Blitzen and froze. I was very relieved at this point. (As a player I was very pissed at this point) But the Kurgat brought up his servant and repaired the thing. It advanced further and shot again at the Gecko, hitting it hard this time (2 wonds on the Gecko) also a Jaguar was engulfed by the plasma field (3 wounds to him). At least the thing was damaged by the last Koala on this side. (1 wound from Koala) It ran further to get the Gecko into a better angle and was shot down on the way. (crit no.4 against me in my first turn and the Charontid was dead, oh, he also was haked by the Intruder…)
[To be honest I thought about conceding here, with 90 points dead in my first turn and 1 dead Jaguar to show for it…]

Yeah, that went well...

“Your team wasted no time and a Tomcat arrived, tight beaming into the antenna on your right flank (2 orders needed, but made with a crit), almost giving you access to the network, to clear the skies for you’re the Ariadnan bombardment.”
“How do you know that?”
“Please, it is my information is my business.”
“Later maybe.”
“Maybe.” She smiled.
“Your Moran on the ground then ran around tight beamed into the central antenna , circled back to remove the Unidron threat, which guarded the last one (yes, a crit) and tight beamed into this one as well. (well guessed a crit was involved) During this the Salyut had advanced to cover the midfield, I for one felt much better to see it guarding the roof with the alien remote. While some of your men advanced, here a picture, the Tomcat tried to kill the Witch Soldier, but he smoked himself.”

Everybody up front, though I should have left the Koala at the front. Hindsight is 20 20....

“The Witch soldier almost immediately broke out of the smoke, just to threw new one to avoid the Panzerfaust(Lupe) and rifle shots coming at him. Right next to me a Shasvastii Malignos appeared and shot the Moran on the building. I tried to remain calm, but it ignored me thankfully and recloaked, depriving me of a chance to spill its location to your men.”

She shivered, for a second losing her posture.

“On the roof a Shasvastii pioneer appeared and wanted to tight beam into the remaining two antennas on your side. His attempts were thwarted by smokescreens.” (So my last chance to get back into the game, also eaten by dice, the smoke prevented me from further attempts, but on both antennas I had two dice on 10 to make it. All failed! There went my last chance to victory or even a draw)

She regained her posture.

“That was a close call with the Malignos close to the dispersal system, it could have spread the virus with the nanites.”

“Indeed. I think some commendations are due for my troops.”

“Sadly your Tomcat won´t get it, as the Witch Soldier broke through the smoke and shot of her head (a crit for me as a change), at least he was burned by her flamethrower. Mr. Jones (HVT) seemed unconcerned about this. Have you seen him by the way? We should keep an eye on him.”

“No, and yes I am aware of that.”

“Their drone on the roof came forward and shot at the Gecko, Salyut and Moran. Killing the Moran and surviving the return fire. Also some movement happened. I guess it was a Noctifier guarding the console.”

The Malignos, that´s me right next to him, not a good place to be.

“Time for your poster boys. First the Gecko shot down the drone on the roof. Then your Intruder, yes I know his kind, went over the long way to almost get to me. He fiddled with his comlog trying to assess Mr. Jones I guess. (2 attempts to scan the HVT failed) He then came around to look for the Malignos and killed it, as well as the embryo. It was a good shot (yes, there was a crit in there, I think.), then he took overwatch position. By the way you couldn´t give me his name? His aura is completely blank.”

“What for?”

“To thank him personally.”

A long run (8 orders) later

“The Pioneer popped up again, this time succeeding in tight beaming into both antennas, with all the return fire being inaccurate. As the Malignos was dead, they couldn´t reach the console. The Kurgat send the slave to repair the drone on the roof, the Gecko shot the slave down, but the drone was operational again. The Nexus came round and shot down the Salyut in a hail of bullets. (2 orders 5 hits, 1 failed save, what a monster)”

“The Gecko once more shot down the drone on the roof and your fire team advanced covering the area in smoke. The Intruder came to me and dragged me into it, then he ran to the console logging into the network (with a crit on the last order by the way) and clearing the sky for the bombardment. Then he dragged me in here, the aliens were on retreat from the fire when I last looked.”

“Thank you Ms. Masters. We really need to talk more. Yet, now I have to attend a crisis meeting. Stay with the Intruder, he will bring you to safety.”

“Very well, I ask him myself then.”

She wore a lascivious smile as he logged off.

Me and my hero, saving the day!

(Well a 8-3 for the Nomads and I was doomed from turn one, I would have stood a chance if not turn 2 would have been a complete disaster with the Shrouded failing all rolls. He had a good strategy and deployment it could have been a tight, thrilling game, but his dice made it pretty boring in the end. Next time I will take revenge, unless it is another thousand crit game of course – then I postpone that :) )

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  • Lauinav says:

    A decent BR. Thanks for the read 😀

  • Nekrat says:

    Thanks for the praise. It took me awhile to find a colour scheme that I liked for the aliens, but I am very happy with it. @Manfred we don’t have a cool propaganda video or something, and several people seem to like having a theme for your army.

  • Frenchi861 says:

    Nice batrep.

  • Jesus Pyotrovich Kowalsky says:

    Very enjoyable battlerep gentlemen 🙂 Also, cool paintjob on that CA!

  • Hardy says:

    Solid report. I like the color scheme on the CA.

  • Manfred_VR says:

    Great video 😉

  • moondoggy says:

    Transmission received Aleph dispatching units to ensure safety of all and ensure the elimination of all threats of the combined army all units involved in action please report to the aleph personal when they arrive.

    (Id duck out if I were you boys. The MoonDoggy)