Kurage Crisis


Smoke and Shattered Mirrors

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VS Nomads

(The soundtrack to start off)
[We played the official mission here, he made a big mistake by giving me first turn, but he wanted his camo not to be too offensive]
Dusk was falling as the large Morat with the scar took a look outside the cave. Two Daturazi, their red skin gleaming against the light, saluted immediately. He returned the gesture and waved them in.
“Haza Geruk Koruget, Haza Geruk Karuget, report.”
“As you command Hosuk. My brother and I were part of the detachment to attack the A.I. node. The objective was to obtain the backup data devices transported there recently. We were led by an Skiavoros aspect. The scouting Shrouded and Dodesek Yanyara (Zerat) reported only suspicious movement and no visible enemies. This was the Layout.”

The detail.

“First Karuget and I advanced, there were no enemies so we threw no smoke. Dodesek Yanyara advanced to the first vehicle but couldn´t pry open the hatches. (2 orders failed to open the box.)
A general advance followed, we two, the Maakrep and the Unidron on the left flank advanced. The Maakrep opened some windows to have a clear view.
I took position close to a container, behind which probably an enemy was hiding, Karuget was in front of a door with two probable enemies. The Unidron advanced on the leftmost vehicle.
It opened it, took the package and retreated to our lines (3 orders in total). I asked permission to engage the camouflaged trooper, but instead the Maakrep was ordered to attack. The human evaded the attack, it was identified as a Bandit, Nomad.”
The old Morat gruntled to that.
“Go on.”
“Dodesek Yanyara made another run for the van and simply ripped open the door this time. She took the objective and ran back towards our lines. A general retreat followed, with the Dodesek, the Umbra, the Skiavoros and the Unidron with the other package retreating into cover. The Maakrep covered them by saturating the area. “ (Suppressive)

Finally got that thing.

“The enemy seemed dumbfounded. The Bandit close to me tried to scan my signature, but I scrambled. The same thing happened to Karuget with the same result. (Both Bandits tried to Data Scan/Spotlight for classifieds) The trooper on the roof shuffled and attacked the Maakrep, it was an Intruder, they traded several shots, but the human lost the exchange. (First attack both had a crit, in the second one only the Maakrep, it kinda was over for him here.)
Several camouflaged troopers moved around into better positions. Another Intruder close to me attacked me and the Maakrep, I avoided the shot and the Maakrep was hit but survived. The Bandit on the left opened the door and tried to shot Karuget, but he smoked his vision.”
The other Daturazi seemed smug about this, until the old one gave him a look, which straightened him.
“The second Intruder tried to retreat from sight and shot me during it. I survived the hit and the Intruder was shot by the Maakrep. (crit, Lt down) A Prowler emerged from the building opposite to the Maakrep and managed to put him down, but he was taken out by the mine from the Shrouded in the process.”

Oh, yeah the Zero (in yellow out left) who walked up during the coordinated and I chucked smoke to block a little bit.

“My brother and I acted in unison and charged the Bandits in front of us, we both took them down. They were good fighters. (Both Daturazi won the CC with a rolled 18 (crit) and 7…) As ordered we proceeded with taking their heads. (coordinated Coup de Grace for classified, even though that was probably illegal, but it was stylish) Awhile the Maakrep had been reanimated by his medikit and took position anew as we severed our trophies and also the Unidron in the centre advanced on the last vehicle, with a package. My brother should continue.”

The old Morat looked at the other Daturazi.

“I asked permission to engage further and sprayed the hidden figure with my Chain rifle, he tried to shot but missed me. I couldn´t identify him later. (Bran falls to an intuitive attack) I proceed to their hinterlands and discovered a scout, a Zero. I ran into close combat and broke his pelvis. He left a mine at my feet, so I was supressed for the moment. (2 orders moving an discovering the Zero)”
He looked to his brother, who started talking again immediately.

“I moved closer to the only unidentified attacker close to our line, but could not find him directly. (Move to the Zero who had snuck up in the coordinated in the Nomad turn 1.) The Dodesek and Shrouded both laid mines to cover the enemies approaches and the Umbra went into stealth mode. (Impersonation) At this point almost no enemy was left.

The first coordinated Coup de Grace in recorded history.

“The other Zero appeared from hiding and scanned my comlog, I was too slow to scramble and showered him with my Chain rifle instead, he went down. The last enemy, another Prowler stood up and killed the Maakrep, but failed to wound the Shrouded (both rolled 5) and was taken down by the mine. I assume taking the Maakreep out was a personal thing at this point. We left soon after, reinforcements were on their way. Both of us took the unconscious Zeros with us. Troops of the AI arrived soon after us, just after an airborne trooper of the Nomads.”
“Well done, both of you. Where are the prisoners now?”
“The aspect gave them to the Umbra for questioning. Detailed whereabouts are unknown to us.”

The Daturazi saluted and left. The old Morat shrunk into the darkness.

[Ouch, my two crits against the Intruder basically killed his strategy, in the second turn he had an off-board Hellcat and a Zero and a Prowler left, so not much to do. This was my current crit game, the next one would see bad dice for me again… CY all]

This guy had to go!!
Finally visible.

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