Kurage Crisis


Mirrors and Shattered Smoke

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Combined Army
VS Nomads

[So first the soundtrack, which I forgot to play during the game…
Mission was the Safe Area from last phase and I totally did take a bad list, I knew that but I wanted to use the just painted Samaritan, now I only needed a good alpha strike. I won Initiative an took it. This was the board and the armies. Kerrigan will tell you the rest.]

>> Self-proclaimed Operative Kerrigan, awake<> Self-proclaimed Operative Kerrigan, delay deployment<>Self-proclaimed Operative Kerrigan, delay deployment<<
++Negative, targeting central tower++
No answer came. Kerrigan didn´t care. As the Shrouded put down a mine and cloaked himself again the Skiavoros, Obsidian and the E-Drone started suppressing their surroundings.

I really only took this picture of my turn...

Her capsules ripped away and she felt the air rushing against her, she loved it. Air was pumped into her lungs from her breather. Soon she would be there. The sniper stood up and blew a hole into the building behind the Obsidian, it turned around at that, dropping the saturating fire. The doctor send her slave bot into the mines the Shrouded had deployed, it went dark. The Moran started to run towards the building behind which the E-Drone was hiding, as he entered the door the Shrouded acted and put a bullet through him (crit) and the Moran went down. This prompted the other Moran to run out and shoot at the Shrouded, he dodged away, the Moran circled back behind a van and shot again, this time putting the Shasvastii into an embryo. The Bandit advanced as well, awhile the fireteam positioned itself to the roof and put several rockets into the Obsidian. (-9 wounds…)

Nice shot, in both senses.

Kerrigan descended and saw the Daturazi being cut down as she turned around, putting her feet first. The descent was guided well by the E-Drones vectors and she hit the roof with a thump. Immediately the sniper and Wildcat turned around. She rolled sideways dodging a shot from the `Cat, while pulling free her Pistols and hitting her square in the Chest, she stumbled but lived, the sniper tried to pistol her as well, but she ducked low and shot him with her left on the upturn. He was hit but lived. Not resting Kerrigan jumped back and another of her bullets hit the sniper in the head, he fell. She felt the strays from the cat miss her, as she landed a hit in the ´Cats legs. The human kneeled but kept firing. Kerrigan landed low and put two bullets between the `Cats shoulders, before she could bring around her weapons. A silence followed. (Three rounds of firing between the Intruder, hitting on 16, the Wildcat, on 19, and Ko Dali, 17, turned the roof into a heap of bullet casings)
With both down Kerrigan kneeled down and instinctively her “hair” reacted, embedding itself deep into the human bodies, draining blood and nutrients. She felt so good.
>> Self-proclaimed Operative Kerrigan, report<<
++Roof secured. What are you doing?++
Nourished Kerrigan took aim at the trapdoor. (Suppressive)

That´s a Mexican standoff, are you watching John?

The satellite feed still gave her the map and a Tomcat waltzed in where the Daturazi fell. He ran over and healed the Moran, who marched towards the window. The Bandit tried to destroy the E-Drone with cyber attacks but failed, then the Moran just shot it.
The Bandit then ran inside the building, opened the window and shot the Ikadron and the Skiavoros, both survived and turned around (Skiavoros NWI). The Bandit shot again at the Skiavoros, which replied with showering the man in aggressive nanobots (Sepsitor) while being hit by two shotgun blasts, nothing happened.

The Skiavors tried again the Bandit dodged away, then he ran to the Moran who also dodged the cloud, awhile the Skiavoros was hit by a Koala and survived.
Kerrigan grew uneasy and jumped down, rolling to her feet she sprayed everyone around. The Remote (Zondbot) got some bullets (saved) the Spitfire `Cat was faster and hit her in the back. Flame sprouted from the last `Cat, Kerrigan rolled backwards with the fire, shooting into it and hitting. (2 hits both saved by the Wildcat) Blood poured from her back and the flame drove her out of the open window. Searing pain flamed through her from the fire. Then she landed, some bones broke. Kerrigan muffled her screams and rolled aside. As she sought cover she saw the Skiavoros try to hit the Moran with plasma to no avail. (both critted).

So much hope, all seared away. Yes, I cheated in the story;)

Kerrigan walked away as another Tomcat appeared, securing the last flank, after the Moran destroyed the Skiavoros in prolonged firefight, after the Skaivoros had destroyed the Baggage remote, the Morans and Tomcats secured all the consoles, even though the Bandit fumbled something (Intelcom).
“I´ll be back, you bet.”
Were Kerrigans words as she vanished in the Blizzard.

(Well 8-0, my plan died in the first three rolls and I never could make a dent afterwards, Ko Dali winning the crazy shootout on the roof gave me a glimmer, but her dying without doing damage then was just, well as the rest of the game. Lately our games are boring as generally the dice set the win for one of us in the first round pretty often :( At least that puts him on equal footing with my CA, with which I do a lot of mistakes…in this case already in list building, I had painted the Samaritan on the eve before the battle and I just wanted to field it.)

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