Kurage Crisis


Never again a Nexus

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Combined Army
VS Nomads

[First the melody, which didn´t help this time]

[We wanted to squeeze in a last game before the end and it was short due to dice again, still no normal game...] (It ended in the first turn.)

The Heroes of the Day
The guys who didn´t got anything done

Kerrigan looked at the Display. Burned and bruised from the last fight she had made her way to the Aplekton. As she approached she became aware of an unfolding confrontation. Led by a Nexus? What was going on? She decided to hurry. Even though she was on foot. The satellite feed gave her the positions.

The battle began and the first enemy infiltrator (Bran) shot down the Ikadron and then the Daturazi on this flank. While failing to discover the mine hidden on the streets.
On the other hand another camouflaged trooper (Prowler) moved cautiously and blew up a car standing there. What? Kerrigans lips begann to burn with Hunger, she wanted to get her hands on these poorly disguised guys. But she still was far off.

The Prowler continued into the building took to the shadows and shot down the Q-Drone and the Raktorak. Before the coordinated with the other one (Bran) to attack the Xeodron in the centre. It was hurt, but the ape-man was hit, still he survived. Why were legs so slow? Kerrigan hated running.

That probably was a bad cab?

The surviving Daturazi ran towards the Prowler and smoked himself. Awhile the Kurgat repaired the Q-Drone. At least someone here knew what he was doing. Then the Kurgat emptied the magazine at the ape-am but he evaded all shots.
The Xeodron advanced into the middle and failed to hit the Prowler (dodged). It advanced further, as did the M-Drone and the Zerat, which ran towards the bus in front of her. A Zero appeared and shot at her, but missed. The Xeodrone was hit by the enemy mine. It was damaged. What was going on here? Was it made from a bad batch?

The M-Drone then attacked the ape-man twice and moved to block his line of sight towards the Zerat. Both times the ape dodged. Faulty targeting routines? Kerrigan pushed her legs to go faster.
Jumping on top of a stack of containers the Xeodrone shot at the Zero and got hit in the head (crit) and crashed down on it, motionless. Kerrigan stopped in her tracks. There was a call for retreat from the Nexus, after he tried in vain to scan the ape-man. Kerrigan cursed. She had to find another battlefield again. Once more she slid into the shadows.

Yepp, 1 save of 4 made and a crit. Pretty much sums up the game.

For the first time in my Infinity career I conceded here. Nothing had worked and he had a full list, mine was half dead and I had no way of keeping him from the objectives. That we played after a long workday probably helped with that decision. Also I won exactly 2 FtF rolls in these two turns combined. Not the end we had hoped for in this campaign of weird dice rolls.

Also taking a Nexus as Lt. seems to be doom, never again, unless in Onyx.

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  • Nekrat says:

    Thanks for the praise, it took me a while to figure out a colour scheme, but I am quite happy with it.

    I always take two Slaves when I can, helps cleaning the Koalas, which he (almost) always has. I don´t have an Overdrone so that option is a no go. The Q-Drone was there to look threatening and Ko Dali was a failsafe for attacking when he gets the objectives. Yeah that didn´t work 🙁
    Also I find it hard to pass up the Skiavoros and DocWorm, that´s why I try to not include them from time to time…
    Thanks for the tips.

  • Graviton says:

    Kudos on writing the game up and your force looks fantastic.

    As some unsolicited list suggestions:
    Your Kurgat has a pair of slaves to fix up your Xeo and Q drone, I’d probably drop down to 1 and upgrade your Xeo-to an overdron rocket monster and as much as I love them swap the kurgat to dr boobworm, less firepower but more vesrsatility.
    You have Ko-dali and a Q-drone as a second group, I’d swap these two round into you main order group and put the Datz in group 2. The Datz have impetuous to get forward and drop your smoke and Kodali and the Q-drone have a decent pool of orders to dig into to be used more offensively.

    The Nexus hacker can be made to work as an Lt in generic, but in this situation it’s a bit glassy as you lack other hackers to defend him and he’s a poor match for that custodier, but as a rule in generic I’m playing to take an aspect to get full advantage from the armylist, with a bit of rework a skiovoros would go nicely in that list.

  • Nazroth says:


  • tyrannosaurus69 says:

    Sorry about the loss, nice report!

  • PhantomAI2 says:

    Good Report, GOGO NOMADS.