Kurage Crisis


Raiding a Firebase

Nomad Reaper
VS Combined Army

>> Midnight enters his room aboard the CrazyCats Light Frigate after debriefing the last mission in which his team acquired 3 highly upgraded military grade L-Hosts from a secret Lab near Lafayette.
The Bandida was ecstatic after being told by Midnight that the L-Host ransom was not proceeding, and she was going to receive one (she has a very nasty feud with a blonde Alhawwa, and having one of their LHosts will make this extra spicy). Kitty and Victoria (Wildcat HRL and Team Lead) are going to get one too.

Walking to his desk, he notices an envelope that wasnt there before. He opens the envelope and it “just happens to have a mission briefing” for a Zhan Huo Firebase incursion. (Wait, where the hell did this came from... Zhan Huo??) The briefing states there are reasons to think that there is Combined Army presence on the Firebase and that it has to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Midnight thinks of this for a few seconds… Well, if it is true it would be very valuable intel, even compromising to say the least. If it is not… they get a chance to infiltrate a Yu Jing military base and hack some stuff sanctioned by higher ranking officers. “Do some mischief under orders” says to himself, and a smirk appears on his face.

Besides, the markings at the end of the briefing… well, this is the kind of mission you don’t say no to.

Deploying first, going second. Two Morans (Malakai and Juba) and two Bandits infiltrate near the middle of the facility. Kitty and her full link team of Wildcats take overwatch positions on the left flank. Four Jaguars spread to provide security, two Lunokhods (one on each flank), and a Vortex on the right.

The Moran "Malakai" breaks silence and blips through his comms “Hey guys, I think I heard something nearby… ” immediately after this his Crazy Koalas activate. The cuddly Koalas run to find their targets, 2 screaming Krakots advancing wildly!

Kitty Wildcat reacts in the blink of an eye as the Krakot turns around the corner yelling “Krakot on sight, firing!” Her 3 rockets already in the air before finishing her phrase. The Krakot falls a bloody smoking mass.

The other Krakot doesn’t risk the corner and super jumps to fire his 2 chain rifles at Malakai. Malakai reacts by instinct and rolls, shrapnel impacting all around him but missing. “Holy sh#t that was close… DAMN NOT AGAIN!” The Krakot jumps again and shoots his pistols point blank, and Malakai dodges again miraculously.

Kitty then sees several CA operatives pop at the same time, she knows she is screwed. She just says: “Guys, you better pick up my cube” as she fires away a trio of rockets. A Makrep Sniper, a Sogarant, a Raktorak and a TO Shrouded shoot at the same time. Her rockets hit cover, and she falls dead. The Shrouded however eats a Crazy Koala for this offense, he never saw it coming.

The Makrep sniper then climbs to take a shot at Malakai (Moran). Malakai sees him clambering up “Oh hell no, you won’t!”, and they exchange shots. Malakai manages to wound the sniper.

Spider shotgun REMs doing dirty deeds and done dirt cheap! The Lunokhods start advancing in a pincer maneuver, cleaning up whatever they find. The left one cleans up a mine, and the right one blasts the last Krakot with his heavy shotgun.

Having secured the main fire lanes, the Moran “Juba” runs up and activates one console in enemy territory. Then the Vortex advances and activates another one. The Bandida falls back to activate yet another one near our deployment zone.

“Stitches” (Wildcat Spitfire) moves the link team by the left flank and shoots down the Raktorak. The Wildcats take defending positions to cover their Specialists.

A Nexus Operative starts advancing and shooting at the Moran Juba. Juba responds with his flash pulse, hits but the Nexus resists. The Nexus keeps moving and attacking, twice, then 3 times. The third time a Koala activates and slams him to oblivion. Juba sweating and agitated, still shocked that he just survived 3 full attacks from a Spitfire up close.

Another Shrouded appears out of nowhere and attacks Juba who is still on the console. Juba lunges himself trying to get to the corner for cover, dodging the attack but falling short of the cover. The Shrouded attacks again, sadly this time Juba is not fast enough and falls unconscious, his hand extended trying to reach the corner. The Shrouded activates the console, trying to stop the upload of our bug software.

The Sogarat creeps out from behind a container and starts a firefight with the Spitfire Wildcat “Stitches”. Stitches falls to the HMG of the Sogarat, who cowardly hides behind the container again.

At this point the bug software has been uploaded successfully on the activated consoles. The Bandit cuts hers in half with her DA Machete. Reaper, the SpecOp, uses his explosive sword to wreck the one on his side.

Sogarat not caring about the REM shooting at him...

The Lonokhod on the left advances and kills off the Shrouded that wounded Juba.
The Lunokhod on the right advances too, pushing until he reaches the area behind the Sogarat. Shoots his heavy shotgun, the AP slugs bounce off from one of the shoulder blades. The REM keeps attacking, taking advantage that the Sogarat didn’t turn to face him. One of the shotgun slugs cracks through the armor, wounding the beast.

The Moran Malakai crawls to the edge of the roof, and sends a burst from his combined rifle at the Sogarat mostly out of frustration knowing his rifle won’t do much more than scratch the paint of this hulks armor. However he watches in amazement as one of his shots penetrate (possibly a soft joint or something) and the Sogarat sways a bit and then falls to the ground.

A short but brutal hacking battle begins for the two contested consoles. Reaper’s (Vortex) Hacking Device suddenly shorts out (Interference), leaving him out of the action. One console is breached and uploaded with our bug software, while the other is lost to the CA specialists.

The presence of the Combined confirmed and our bug software in place, our job is done here. Lets pick up our wounded and lets get back to the shuttle guys.

Midnight receives a picture with Malakai shooting down the Sogarat, he will definitely buy that guy a couple of cold ones. Also, will ask the Clockmaker to give the Lunokhods a new paint job and upgrades.

Later that evening…

>>> Encrypted message — // Combined Army Operatives found on site. Bugs uploaded. 2 of 4 consoles destroyed. 1 of 2 left is useless, the other compromised to CA.

<<< Good job Midnight, I knew we could trust your Crazy Cats. We will be contacting you soon for another mission. // B

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