Kurage Crisis


Data leak

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VS Tohaa

The operation name: Black Russian
Status: failed, need cleanup
Classification grade: AE0

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- Did you heard? Operation was fell through. All equipment is destroyed. I just can't imagine how Tohaa sniffed about this!
- ...
- It seems not so clear. I do not sure but it was looks like a trap. The presence of Tohaa's specialists in this area was a surprise and leads to certain thoughts. I heard that several Tohaa snipers awaited us in an ambush.
- ...
- Of course, this issue is a secret. And our own Internal Affairs Group will certainly not ignore this incident.
- ...
- As I heard we got some intelligence data, but our equipment was destroyed.
- ...
- According to my information, our cleanup group is already arrived to area.
- ...

➤ Record [AEx-94594-J5]
Source is unknown.

Good description may be found in linked report.

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