Kurage Crisis


New TAG for AEvolution Project

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The operation name: Shopping time.
Status: Success
Classification grade: AE0

To get more info you should be approved member of AEvolution project.


- Functionary, what are the results of the operation?
- Everything goes according to plan, the project got samples of new equipment into its hands. Our agent will keep an eye on them so they will use it strictly according to purpose.

➤ Data fragment intercepted from special transmission. Planet Dawn. Novyy Cimmeria.


Our project expand presence on the planet Dawn.
Today, during the operation of the "Shopping time" operation, we received completely unique samples for our special situation section. During the operation our hackers gained control over the sample of the new TAG. It was a terrific sight, TAG unfolds and just demolishes all their unit in an instant. A couple of survivors was quickly neutralized agent Xanthus.

➤ Extracts from the diary of a candidate number LV65084


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