Kurage Crisis


On the house

VS Haqqislam

From: Ikari Company, Redcap Division, mr. Z
To: Kisei Trust, mr. Tojo
Re.: Contract # KU-LA-ROC-01
Mr. Tojo, please find our post- battle report as attached.
This is our last operation under current agreement. As hostilities on Kimmeria wind down we are preparing to move for a greener pastures. Also, nobody wants to deal with O12 peacemakers and their parsecs of red tape.
Our opponent this time was Hakkislamite raiding party. Most likely, Assasins, those guys that pose as civilians until striking. We were going under cover too, with lightly-armed group, so it is unlikely that we were targeted directly,
Yet, securing this relay was crucial both to you and us- we too need positioning for liftoff. When you will read this, we will be already gone. You know how to contact us again. Good luck holding to this hellhole!

P.S. You may consider the attached datascan of Fiday as on the house- we did not have time to properly evacuate his Cube,

Best regards, Z.

Att.1: Post- combat report, Contract # KU-LA-ROC-01, contact #04
As Ikari scrambled to get satellite positioning to leave Dawn, they came face-to-face with Asassins’ scouting party. Skirmish has commenced.
Befitting their reputation, Hakkislamtes got initiative and struck first. Ikari took cover near a bunker, hiding a Ninja near centerline. Tanko took a datapack
First turn, Hakk
Fiday drops onto lone Tokusetsu, kills him. Then he circles bunker, looking for opening, yet Keisotsus answer with relentless fire. Both sides roll ARM perfectly, yet Yojimbo gets to NWI and loses a Koala. Tanko and TR bot exchange fire without results.

First turn, NA2.
Yuan drops, gets +4ARM, tries to get Ghulam HMG with chain, yet dies to a nice pistol shot. Yojimbo tries to kill Fiday, dies. Keisotsu avenges fallen Ronin, Fiday is shot down. Sniper gets HMG Ghulam at 36”. Ninja takes trans antenna on third(?) attempt.
Second turn, Hakk
TR bot under assisted fire tries to get MSV2 brawler, but eats a crit. Heroic Muttavi runs across the table, Isolates Ikari’s Lieutenant, dies in process.
Second turn, Ikari is in LoL
Tokens are burned for Ninja to get to console and back to cover. Tanko and Keisotsu move to center. Sniper tries to cover Ghulams’ exit point to center.
Third turn, Hakk.
Baggage bot creates a bodyblock for link to escape to centerline. Sniper misses. Ghulam w/rifle crawls to 24”, shoots sniper with -6, but four shots produce a crit against Brawler’s reasonably accurate single shot. Hakk runs out of orders, leaving none to do a mission.
Third turn, Ikari.
Mercenaries run to center. Tanko catches a wound, yet succeeds to get a datapack to trans antenna.
Ikari fail to secure classify, succeed in everything else.

From: Kisei Trust, mr. Tojo
To: Ikari Company, Redcap Division, mr. Z
Re.: Contract # KU-LA-ROC-01
Dear mr. Z!
We are extremely pleased with your actions under this contract.
The Small Council is rumoured to have taken a liking in you, so I would leave the main gratitude to them.
Safe travels and fat bounties!
Best regards,

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