Kurage Crisis


Base Defense

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VS Tohaa

Pano wins roll keeping deployment and having Tohaa deploy first
Tohaa choose to act first
Pano deploys deep in cover with a nisse and sierre watching lanes of fire
Turn 1 Tohaa
Hacker takes console on right
Drops smoke on left console and moves up to secure but fails first attempt secures with another
Drops more e smoke on the left making a coridor cutting off vision on that side and advances on bunker

Pano 1
Nisee clears a corridor for fo on left to move up and secure consil other fo does right
Bullrterr comes up midfle to lay down fire taking out a rocketeer, First blood Pano

Tohaa 2
Moves into the bunker dropping markers and taking out the Bulleteer but loosing a chaksa as well. Then drops another marker
Hmg link team moves up and takes out the nisse
Failed on some grenades
Moved a specialist in to seize center console

Pano 2
Auquila tries to lay down the hammer, takes out an makaul but dies to return fire
Father Knight comes around the right but dies to return fir
Orc tries and dies the same
Sierra picks off a model

Tohaa 3

Lays smoke on the left and moves up, takes out Auxilia with a viral shot plants a D charge and blows a car, positions for an offensive push by Pano

Pano 3

Tried to run last Auxilia up to console on right, wounded 1 Tohaa then died on a sprint, final score 0 to 10 Tohaa

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  • Admiral JCJF says:

    That’s a tough result!
    But keep at it commander, you’ll crack those aliens yet.

  • Cothel says:

    This was an excellent Birthday present! Had a great time. It was good to knock the rust off and get a couple games in.