Kurage Crisis


J5 Is Alive!

VS PanOceania
Dr Bad Vibe

J5 Is Alive!

Mobile Brigada Lieutenant Cornell Jemison and his J-5 Kaserne defense unit!
The NCA attack force led by a Bolt Lieutenant!

Mission: Safe Area

Corregidor Classified Objective: Experimental Drug (used as Intelcom value 28)
NCA Classified Objective: Experimental Drug (used as Intelcom value 25)

Corregidor DataTracker: Gecko Mk12
NCA DataTracker: CSU Specialist Operative

I won the Initiative Roll and chose to Keep Deployment and had my opponent deploy first. My opponent chose to take the first turn.

"NCA attack force reported near the barracks!"
"Jemison, assemble your troops and take care of those Bolts!"

NCA Turn 1

At the beginning of my opponent's first turn I used a Command Token to reduce the order pool of his second group by 2.

My opponent spent most of the orders in his first turn on the Bolt fireteam. A few orders were spent moving them into positions and a few more spent exchanging fire with the Wildcats. They managed to take out the Wildcat Heavy Rocket Launcher and Combi Rifle while the Wildcats took out the Spitfire Bolt, only to have it revived by the Bolt Paramedic. My opponent spent quite a few orders trying (and failing) to throw Drop Bears near the Console in Quadrant 2 with only one success out of three (two from one Bolt with Drop Bears and one from another). The Multi Sniper Rifle Bolt managed to score one Structure damage to the Gecko and one Auxbot was lost on the left side of the board after an ARO from the Camouflaged Bandit in hiding near the middle took it out of commission.

"This is Sergeant Anders, Gecko Unit-01. NCA Bolts marked. Ready to take out the trash!"

Corregidor Turn 1

In my first turn I moved the Mobile Brigada Heavy Machine Gun up the left side of the board and took out the Spitfire Bolt and then put him on Suppressive Fire covering the left side middle of the board. The next set of orders were spent on the Gecko taking out the Bolt Multi Sniper Rifle, Bolt Paramedic, and Bolt Missile Launcher. The Gecko took a second Structure damage point from return fire but was repaired by the Clockmaker's Zondbot nearby while the Clockmaker herself secured the Console in Quadrant 3 on the rooftop.

"I can't even scrounge up a sandwich from these guys. Hey, what the...!"

NCA Turn 2

My opponent spent most of Turn 2 maneuvering his remaining troops into positions. The Camo marker advanced towards the middle of the board, the Auxilia in Quadrant 2 secured the Console and the remaining Bolts advanced forward, failing to place yet another Drop Bear in the process. The second Auxilia on the left scored revenge on the Bandit for killing his Auxbot by taking him out with his Combi Rifle.

"All hail the Lunokhod!"

Corregidor Turn 2

In my second turn the Gecko took out the Auxbot on the right so that the Lunokhod could advance. My opponent's Camo marker in the middle of the board revealed itself as a Hexxa Hacker and attempted to use Overlord in ARO on the Gecko but failed. I then moved the Lunokhod forward and successfully used Minesweeper on the Drop Bear, turning it hostile to my opponent. The Lunokhod continued to press forward exchanging fire with the Auxilia at the Console and the Drop Bearless Bolt. The Lunokhod took out the Bolt while the now hostile Drop Bear killed the Auxilia when he attempted to ARO against the Lunokhod.

NCA Turn 3

My opponent's final turn was spent positioning and maneuvering his remaining troops to secure Quadrants and Consoles. The CSU secured the Console in Quadrant 1 and the remaining Bolts spread out in an attempt to control Quadrants 1 and 2 by the end of the game. A few of the Bolts, including the Lieutenant, were placed on Suppressive Fire.

"This is Sergeant Anders, Gecko Unit-01. I'm with the Lunokhod in Quadrant 2. I think we've got this covered."
"Lieutenant Jemison to base, area secured."

Corregidor Turn 3

For my final turn I moved my troops in to secure Consoles and Dominate Quadrants. The Mobile Brigada and Alguaciles advanced along the left side attempting to dominate Quadrant 1 ultimately taking out the lone Auxilia left contesting their advance. The remaining Wildcat Engineer secured the Console in Quadrant 4 while the Lunokhod and Gecko pushed farther up the right side to contest Quadrant 2 and take out one of the remaining Bolts in that Quadrant.

At the end of the game I used my Intelcom card to nullify the CSU Specialist that was securing the Console in Quadrant 1. My opponent used his to add the 25 point card to his point total in Quadrant 2. After the points were tallied it was determined that the Corregidor dominated in Quadrants 1, 3 & 4 while the NCA dominated Quadrant 2.

The Corregidor dominated more Quadrants than the NCA and had secured 2 Consoles (in Quadrants 3 & 4) while the NCA forces had secured none after the use of my Intelcom card on the CSU. Neither of us managed to have our DataTracker in a Quadrant that we had dominated.

Final Score:

Corregidor = 6
NCA = 0

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