Kurage Crisis


Jurass Finish First

VS PanOceania
Dr Bad Vibe

Jurass Finish First

Intruder Lieutenant Rico Velez commands the J-5 Kaserne reserve forces.
Neoterran Capitaline Army invaders led by an Orc Lieutenant!

Mission: Safe Area

Corregidor Classified Objective: Extreme Prejudice (used as Intelcom value 33)
NCA Classified Objective: Data Scan (used as Intelcom value 30)

Corregidor DataTracker: Intruder Lieutenant
NCA DataTracker: CSU

I won the Initiative Roll and chose to Keep Initiative and had my opponent take the first turn. My opponent chose to have me deploy first.

"Fusilier with a HMG? Pfft. I got this."

NCA Turn 1

At the beginning of my opponent's first turn I used a Command Token to reduce the order pool of his first group by 2.

My opponent started off his turn dealing a crippling blow to the Nomad forces by taking out the Intruder Heavy Machine Gun with a crit* from his Fusilier fireteam. The rest of his turn passed quickly as he advanced forward with his Fusilier fireteam, Orcs, and Auxilia teams no longer pinned down by the Intruder HMG. At the end of his turn he had gotten both of the Auxilia Forward Observers into contact with the Consoles in Quadrants 1 and 2.

* NCA Crit Counter = 1

"Fusilier HMG sighted. We got this."

Corregidor Turn 1

In the beginning of my first turn I had the Tsyklon use its Pitcher to lob a Repeater near the Orc Hacker. The Bandit Killer Hacker then attempted to use a Skullbuster program against the Orc Hacker through the Repater but failed after my opponent successfully Reset against the first attack and then crit* Reset against the second, and final, order from that group. I then spent a series of orders on the Alguacil fireteam having the HMG split its fire between the Swiss Guard (who successfully dodged into full cover) and the Fusilier HMG who took out the Alguacil HMG with a crit*. The Alguacil Paramedic successfully revived the Alguacil HMG twice, once to get him back up from the first exchange and another time after a second, failed, exchange with the Fusilier HMG. I ended my turn with the Alguacil HMG downed yet again after another exchange with the Fusilier HMG resulted in a crit* success from my opponent leaving me with no orders left in the turn to attempt another revival.

* NCA Crit Counter = 4

NCA Turn 2

My opponent started his turn off by moving the Orc Haris fireteam into cover positions in the middle of the board to allow the Orc HMG to fire on the Tsyklon Spitfire. Still in the Zone of Control of my Repeater this movement allowed the Bandit Killer Hacker to ARO against the Orc Hacker, killing it after succeeding with two separate Skullbuster attacks in ARO. The Orc HMG destroyed the Repeater and traded fire with the Tsyklon Spitfire eventually punching through its armor and putting it into the first level of Unconscious state. The Fusilier fireteam advanced to the building in the middle of the board and started working their way to the rooftop. Along the way up they traded fire with the Tsyklon Feuerbach and Intruder Lieutenant resulting in the death of both, much to my dismay. The Auxbot on the right side of the board advanced and fired on the Alguacil fireteam, burning one of the Paramedics and the HMG. He finished his turn with the Fusilier team on top of the building and the Orc HMG in Suppressive Fire state.

Corregidor Turn 2

Having lost the Intruder Lieutenant in my opponent's turn I started this turn off in Loss of Lieutenant. With only the Bandit Killer Hacker and 3 remaining Alguaciles on the board I opted to keep the Hellcat and Tomcats off the board until the final turn to see what my opponent would do. The Bandit Killer Hacker successfully activated Cybermask in preparation and the 3 Alguaciles remained hidden behind the crate they had been using for cover.

NCA Turn 3

With all of my troops fully behind cover my opponent spent his final turn moving his forces into positions to try to maximize his control of the quadrants. My opponent was, at the time, unopposed in Quadrants 1 & 2. The CSU, an Auxilia team and the Orcs were in Quadrant 1. The Swiss Guard moved to Quadrant 2 to support the other Auxilia team while the Fusiliers on top of the building hugged the right side ledge to throw their weight in points against the 3 Alguaciles in Quadrant 4.

"No, really. We got this this time."

Corregidor Turn 3

After my opponent's Turn 2 I was fairly confident that there was no way I could pull off a win. In fact I was so sure that I was going to lose horribly that I almost conceded defeat at the beginning of my Turn 2. My opponent and I discussed the possibilities, as we often do for each other, and decided to continue on to see if I could pull off a tie or even a win and I'm glad we did.

I started off my final turn by spending a Command Token to reform the Alguacil fireteam with the remaining 3 Alguaciles. I then had the Alguacil Missile Launcher fully step away from the cover of the crate so that he wouldn't suffer a range penalty as he fired at the Fusiliers on top of the building. With a +1 to Burst from the fireteam the Alguacil Missile Launcher fired 2 blasts at the Fusilier team who responded by firing back in ARO. The Alguacil Missile Launcher died from a hail of Combi Rifle bullets but one of the Missile Launcher blasts succeeded and, in a stroke of pure luck, managed to cover and take out all 5 of the Fusiliers.

With Quadrant 4 now uncontested I knew I needed to take one of the Quadrants dominated by my opponent in order to pull off a win. With an Auxilia, CSU, and the Orcs in Quadrant 1 I decided the only Quadrant I had a chance at taking away from my opponent was Quadrant 2. I brought the Hellcat and both Tomcats on the board in Quadrant 2 and spent the remaining orders in my turn moving the Bandit Killer Hacker into Quadrant 2 as well.

At the end of the game the Corregidor completely dominated Quadrant 4 while the NCA completely dominated Quadrant 1. Quadrant 3 was empty after I abandoned it in hopes of taking Quadrant 2 from my opponent. I used my Intelcom card to add 33 points to my total in Quadrant 2 hoping that would put me over my opponent's total in that Quadrant. My opponent used his Intelcom card to add 32 points to his total in Quadrant 2. The final point tally for Quadrant 2 came to 121 vs 115 in my favor, just barely edging out my opponent to secure the win.

The Corregidor dominated more Quadrants than the NCA but had not secured any Consoles while the NCA had secured 2 Consoles and had their DataTracker in a Quadrant that they dominated (Quadrant 1).

Final Score:

Corregidor = 4
NCA = 3

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