Kurage Crisis


A Day At The Races

VS PanOceania
Dr Bad Vibe

A Day At The Races

Bakunin Kommsat Defense led by Reverend Custodier Marta Dietrich.
Neoterran Capitaline Army saboteurs led by a Bolt Lieutenant!

Mission: Transmission Matrix

Bakunin Classified Objective: HVT: Inoculation
NCA Classified Objective: Data Scan

Bakunin DataTracker: Reverend Healer
NCA DataTracker: CSU Specialist Operative

I won the Initiative Roll and chose to Keep Initiative and had my opponent take the first turn. My opponent chose to have me deploy first.

"PanOceania forces spotted in the North sector. Let's take 'em down, boys."
"A team of Bolts has taken the NW Transmission Area. It looks like these Neoterrans mean business."

NCA Turn 1

My opponent spent the majority of his first turn advancing his troops forward into cover positions and securing Transmission Areas. The Bolt fireteam secured one Transmission Area in my opponent's half of the board while the CSU secured the other. The Aquila Forward Observer moved towards the middle of the board to secure the middle Transmission Area. My opponent then placed the Aquila in Suppressive Fire state as well as both of the TO Camo Markers, revealing them to be a Hexa with Spitfire on the left and Swiss Guard with Heavy Machine Gun on the right. As a result of being within the Transmission Areas the Reverend Custodier Hacker ARO'd against both the Aquila and Swiss Guard with the Gotcha! program at different points during my opponent's turn but did not success in Immobilizing either of them.

"I'm receiving reports of a High Value Target in the area guarded by an Orc Hacker. Zero Operative Torrans, after I've placed the Repeater I need you to fry that hacker.""

Bakunin Turn 1

My first turn started off with the loss of my Morlock to the Hexa Spitfire on Suppressive Fire. I moved the Sin Eater with Mk12 to a covering position facing my HVT to deter my opponent from making a move on him with his CSU DataTracker. The Zero Killer Hacker executed the Orc Hacker with a Redrum attack after the Reverend Custodier Lieutenant successfully fired a Repeater from her Pitcher down the left side of the board within Zone of Control range to the Orc Hacker. I moved the Reverend Healer DataTracker and Riot Grrl along the left side of the board. I then engaged the Hexa Spitfire on Suppressive Fire with the Riot Grrl but both came out of the exchange unscathed. I moved the Reverend Moira with HMG to secure the Transmission Area in my half of the board on the left side. The four members of the Moderator fireteam on top of the building secured the Transmission Area in my half of the board on the right side while the fifth member on the ground killed the CSU in a firefight. The Moderator with Spitfire then traded fire with the Swiss Guard HMG and, after 3 orders and 2 crits, left the Swiss Guard in Unconscious State and my opponent with control over one less Transmission Area.

At the end of the round my opponent and I both held the same number of Transmission Areas (2 each) giving us each 1 Objective Point.

"Moderators, I need that Swiss Guard taken out yesterday! What's the hold up?"
"Taking fire in the SW sector; those Bolts are getting cocky!"

NCA Turn 2

My opponent used the orders in his second turn to move the Bolt fireteam on the left side of the board towards the Transmission Area guarded by the Reverend Moira HMG. The Sin Eater HMG responded in ARO killing the Bolt Paramedic after it failed to Dodge and both of its subsequent ARM Rolls. The remaining 2 Bolts reached full cover. One Bolt then rounded the corner and fired at the Reverend Moira HMG and Reverend Custodier who returned fire and dodged, respectively. The exchange resulted in no damage to either side. My opponent spent his final two orders repositioning the Hexa Spitfire near the Transmission Area on the left on his side of the table and putting the Bolt Lieutenant (the Bolt that did not fire on the Reverends) on Suppressive Fire covering the left side of the board.

Bakunin Turn 2

I spent the first few orders of Turn 2 on the Reverend Moira HMG, trading fire with the Bolt and eventually killing it with a crit. I then moved the Riot Grrl to the corner of the nearby building and fired with her Multi Rifle at the now visible Bolt Lieutenant. The Bolt Lieutenant responded in ARO but was left Unconscious after taking 3 hits and failing an ARM Roll. With the left side open I spent a long series of orders on the Reverend Healer DataTracker moving her along the left side of the board and into contact with the enemy HVT. The HVT struggled but failed against the Reverend Healer's successful Inoculation giving me another Objective Point for completing my Classified Objective. To finish off my turn I moved the Lunokhod along the left side of the board on the opposite side of the box where the Hexa was positioned.

At the end of the round my opponent and I still both held the same number of Transmission Areas (2 each) giving us each 1 Objective Point.

"The Lunokhod's been damaged. Someone want to tell me why that Aquila is still standing?"

NCA Turn 3

At this point my opponent was in Loss of Lieutenant and only had a few troops remaining. The Auxilia and Auxbot had been pinned down on the right side of the board for the entire game by the Moderator fireteam. He attempted to move them out and secure the Transmission Area on the right side of his half of the table but the Auxilia was cut down by the Moderator Spitfire. The Hexa was placed on Suppressive Fire while the Aquila moved back, still within the middle Transmission Area, and successfully scored a crit against the Lunokhod leaving it in Unconscious State Level 1.

"Advance on the center Transmission Area and take it by force. It's time to end this."

Bakunin Turn 3

I started off my final turn killing the enemy HVT with the Reverend Healer DataTracker, scoring another 3 Objective Points. I spent the rest of my orders moving the Sin Eater HMG and Reverend Moira HMG within the zone of the middle Transmission Area. With the Zero Killer Hacker I assumed this would give me enough points in the middle Transmission Area to take control from my opponent's Aquila.

At the end of Round 3 I held more Transmission Areas than my opponent (2 to 1), adding 2 more Objective Points to my total.

For the first two Rounds of the game the Bakunin and NCA both held 2 Transmission Areas. In the final Round the Bakunin held 2 Transmission Areas while the NCA only held 1. The Bakunin completed their Classified Objective (HVT: Inoculation) as well as the additional Mission Objective of killing the enemy HVT and the bonus for killing the enemy HVT with the designated DataTracker.

Final Score:

Bakunin = 8
NCA = 2

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