Kurage Crisis


Thin Line

VS PanOceania
Dr Bad Vibe

Thin Line

Mission: Antenna Field

Corregidor Classified Objective: HVT: Designation
PanOceania Classified Objective: HVT: Inoculation

Corregidor DataTracker: Gecko Mk12
PanOceania DataTracker: Father-Knight Forward Observer

I won the Initiative Roll and chose to Keep Initiative and had my opponent take the first turn. My opponent chose to have me deploy first.

PanO Turn 1

At the beginning of my opponent's turn I used a Command Token to reduce the orders in his Group 1 by 2.

My opponent spent most of his orders in Turn 1 moving his forces forward towards the middle line of the board and into cover positions. The bulk of his forces including the Fusilier with Heavy Machine Gun, 4 Fusilier Paramedics and the 2 TO Camouflage Markers were advanced with 2 Coordinated Move + Move orders. The Auxilia Teams on either side of the board advanced along their respective sides of other board. Finally the Father-Knight with Spitfire moved into cover on the right side and exchanged fire with the Tsyklon with Feuerbach. The Father-Knight won the Face To Face Roll and left the Tsyklon in Unconscious State Level 1. My opponent spent the last order of his first turn putting the Father-Knight Spitfire on Suppressive Fire.

Corregidor Turn 1

I started off my first turn moving the Gecko Mk12 to the corner and trading fire with the Father-Knight Spitfire. After 2 orders the Gecko had lost 1 Structure and the Father-Knight remained unscathed. Determined to take out the Father-Knight Spitfire, I moved the Stempler Zond forward behind a building near the Father-Knight placing him within the Sensor Area of the Stempler Zond. After two orders I had successfully placed a Sat-Lock on the Father-Knight and proceeded to fire a Guided Smart Missile at him from the Vertigo Zond. The Guided Smart Missile hit and the Father-Knight failed both of his ARM Rolls leaving him Unconscious. With the Father-Knight Spitfire gone I was then able to repair the Tsyklon Feuerbach with the Clockmaker directly behind it. I revealed the Camouflaged Bandit Hacker and moved him back to control the Transmission Antenna in my Deployment Zone. The Alguacil fireteam moved towards the Transmission Antenna in the middle on the right side of the board but fell just short of being able to control it this turn.

At the end of Round 1 both Corregidor and NCA controlled 1 Transmission Antenna scoring 1 Objective Point each.

PanO Turn 2

Having lost his Lieutenant, the Father-Knight Spitfire, in my turn my opponent was in Loss of Lieutenant for this turn and spent most of his now Irregular Orders turtling up. The Auxilia team on the right advanced to place the Auxbot so that it was covering the path directly to the right of the Alguacil fireteam. The Auxilia team on the left continued to advance into cover positions. A Fusilier Paramedic and the TO Camouflage Marker in the middle went on Suppressive Fire, revealing the TO Camouflage Marker to be a Hexa with Spitfire. The Father-Knight Forward Observer moved into a cover position near the middle Transmission Antenna.

Corregidor Turn 2

In the beginning of my second turn I moved the Alguacil fireteam to control the Transmission Antenna on the middle right side of the board and had the Alguacil with Missile Launcher fire on the Nisse with Multi Sniper Rifle. The Missile Launcher won the Face To Face Roll and the Nisse failed its ARM Roll leaving it Unconscious. I then moved the Stempler Zond towards the middle of the board placing the Father-Knight Forward Observer within its Sensor Area. After a successful Sat-Lock on the Father-Knight from the Stempler I fired the Vertigo Zond's Guided Missile Launcher at him twice leaving the Father-Knight very dead after failing a total of 4 ARM Rolls across the 2 hits. I used the Bandit Hacker's Irregular Order to successfully Spotlight the Hexa Spitfire through the Stempler Zond (utilizing its Repeater Special Skill) but didn't have any orders left in the Vertigo Zond's group for it to strike again. I spent the next series of orders on the Tsyklon Feuerbach moving it forward to a cover position and trading fire with the Hexa Spitfire but it failed to hit and took damage from the Hexa instead, leaving it in Unconscious State Level 1. I moved the Zondbot forward and attempted to repair the Tsyklon but failed the Engineering Roll, taking the Tsyklon to Unconscious State Level 2. For my final action of the turn I used my Mobile Brigada Lieutenant's order and moved him forward to a cover position.

At the end of Round 2 Corregidor controlled 2 Transmission Antenna while NCA controlled 0 scoring 2 Objective Points for Corregidor.

PanO Turn 3

Having lost his newly appointed Lieutenant, the Father-Knight Forward Observer, in my turn my opponent was again in Loss of Lieutenant for his final turn. In an attempt to prevent me from gaining anymore Objective Points my opponent used many of his Irregular Orders to place some of his remaining troops on Suppressive Fire including the Hexa Spitfire and a few of the Fusiliers. He then moved the Auxbot on the right forward and then used a Command Token to convert one of the Fusiliers' Irregular Order to a Regular Order. The Auxbot used the Regular Order to advance again and fire its Heavy Flamethrower at the bunched up Alguacil fireteam killing the Alguacil Paramedic and an Alguacil with Combi Rifle but was also destroyed from the Alguaciles firing back in ARO. The TO Camo Marker on the left moved into cover and fired on the Bandit and Gecko Mk12, revealing it to be a Croc Man with Combi Rifle but failed to cause any damage. The Fusilier with Heavy Machine Gun moved to cover on top of a building and fired on the Mobile Brigada Lieutenant and Bandit Hacker. The Mobile Brigada fired back and failed the Face To Face Roll but made its ARM Roll while the Bandit Hacker attempted to Dodge but failed after the Fusilier HMG scored a crit leaving the Bandit Hacker in Unconscious state.

Corregidor Turn 3

In my final turn I spent my Lieutenant Order first, killing the Fusilier HMG with the Mobile Brigada Lieutenant's Boarding Shotgun after he won the Face To Face Roll and the Fusilier failed its ARM Roll. I spent 4 orders trying and ultimately failing to kill the Fusilier Paramedic controlling the Transmission Antenna on the middle left side of the board with direct fire from the Vertigo Zond. I then spent the rest of the orders in my turn on the Gecko Mk12 first moving it on top of the building it was standing next to and then firing on the Fusilier Paramedic controlling the Transmission Antenna in my opponent's Deployment Zone. The Gecko Mk12 won the exchange and hit the Fusilier Paramedic which then made its ARM Roll but failed its Guts Roll moving it away from the Transmission Antenna and into cover, breaking its control of the Transmission Antenna.

At the end of Round 3 Corregidor controlled 2 Transmission Antenna while NCA controlled 1 scoring 2 Objective Points for Corregidor.

At the end of the game Corregidor had controlled more Transmission Antenna than PanOceania in one round and both Corregidor and PanOceania had controlled the same number of Tranmission Antenna in two rounds. Neither controlled the Transmission Antenna in the enemy's Deployment Zone. Neither controlled the Tranmission Antenna in the enemy's Deployment Zone with their DataTracker. Neither had completed their Classified Objective.

Final Score:

Corregidor = 4
PanOceania = 2

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