Kurage Crisis


End Up Like This

VS PanOceania
Dr Bad Vibe

End Up Like This

Mission: Supplies

Corregidor Classified Objectives: HVT: Espionage / HVT: Designation
PanOceania Classified Objectives: Experimental Drug / HVT: Designation

My opponent won the Initiative Roll and chose to Keep Initiative and took the first turn. I chose to have my opponent deploy first.

NCA Turn 1

My opponent started the game by revealing a Swiss Guard with Missile Launcher that he had in HIdden Deployment on a building on the left side of his Deployment Zone. The Swiss Guard Missile Launcher moved forward to cover and fired a blast at the Alguacil Missile Launcher on top of a building on the right side of my Deployment Zone. The Alguacil and Lunokhod fired back in ARO but failed to score a hit while the Swiss Guard successfully hit the Alguacil killing him and the Prone Alguacil Paramedic behind him after both failed their ARM Rolls. The next order was spent advancing a TO Camo Marker on the right side of the board forward and into cover. My opponent then activated the Bolt fireteam and moved the Bolt with Spitfire into cover to fire on the Alguacil Forward Observer who tried to Flash Pulse in ARO but neither were able to cause any damage. The Locust, who my opponent had placed in my half of the table after successfully making an Infiltration Roll during deployment, advanced into cover on the left side of the board and exchanged fire with the Mobile Brigada Lieutenant with Multi Rifle resulting in 1 Wound on the Mobile Brigada after it failed its ARM Roll. The Mobile Brigada Heavy Machine Gun turned to face the Locust using the Warning! rule. The rest of the orders in my opponent's turn were spent moving the Auxilia team in the middle to the Tech-Coffin on the left side of the board and successfully extracting the Supply Box.

Corregidor Turn 1

I started off my first turn using the Bandit Hacker's Irregular Order and 4 more of Group 1's Regular Orders Spotlighting the enemy HVT twice for HVT: Designation and eventually making the HVT: Espionage Roll completing both of my Classified Objectives. I spent the final order in Group 1 on the Mobile Brigada HMG and killed the Locust with a crit. I then successfully dropped the Hellcat with Adhesive Launcher in my opponent's Deployment Zone behind and out of the Zone of Control of the Swiss Guard. Unfortunately the Hellcat failed to hit with his first, unopposed, shot allowing the Swiss Guard to turn to face with the Warning! rule. I spent another order trying to Immobilize the Swiss Guard with the Hellcat's ADHL but lost the Face To Face Roll resulting in the death of the Hellcat. Determined to take out the Swiss Guard I brought the Tomcat with E/Mitter on the board in Section 8 outside of the Swiss Guard's Zone of Control and its newly repositioned Line of Fire. The Tomcat scored 1 hit on the Swiss Guard with the E/Mitter leaving the Swiss Guard in Immobilized-2 state after it failed a BTS Roll.

NCA Turn 2

My opponent spent most of the orders in Turn 2 on the Bolt fireteam. The first few orders were spent clearing a path on the right side of the board killing the Alguacil Forward Observer with a crit and then advancing forward to the Tech-Coffin. After reaching the Tech-Coffin the Bolt Spitfire traded fire with the Bandit Hacker and Mobile Brigada HMG. The Bandit Hacker didn't survive the exchange while the Bolt Spitfire took a Wound from the Mobile Brigada and was left Unconscious. The Bolt Paramedic attempted to revive the Bolt Spitfire but the PH-3 Roll failed killing the Bolt Spitfire completely. The Bolt Paramedic then successfully extracted the Supply Box from the Tech-Coffin, surviving a hit from the Mobile Brigada HMG's ARO, and moved back into Full Cover. The next 4 orders were spent moving the Bolt fireteam, including the Paramedic with the Supply Box, back and to the top of a building in my opponent's Deployment Zone. The final order of my opponent's turn was spent on the Auxilia team on the left side of the board having the Auxilia drop Prone behind the Tech-Coffin and moving the Auxbot towards the left side table edge and then burning the Tomcat with E/Mitter with its Heavy Flamethrower.

Corregidor Turn 2

Having formulated a plan to get the middle Supply Box I used 2 Command Tokens at the top of my second turn to move the Alguacil with Light Grenade Launcher and the Tomcat Doctor (revealing her to my opponent as she had not been deployed yet) from Group 2 to Group 1. This left Group 2 with a single Alguacil with Combi Rifle whose order I used to move him forward into a position covering the middle Tech-Coffin. I spent my Lieutenant Order moving the Mobile Brigada Lieutenant forward and into cover so that his Line of Fire included more of the middle of the board. I spent the rest of the orders from Group 1 on "The Plan". The Plan kicked off with the Tomcat Doctor arriving on the board from the long edge of my Deployment Zone near the middle (far right of Section 2). I then spent 2 orders and a Coordinated Order (including the Lunokhod, Tsyklon Spitfire and Mobile Brigada HMG) moving her directly towards the middle Tech-Coffin. With the Coordinated Order I moved the Tomcat Doctor into contact with the Tech-Coffin, the Lunokhod directly behind the Tomcat Doctor near the Tech-Coffin and the Mobile Brigada HMG and Tsyklon Spitfire forward on opposite sides of a building covering the middle of the board. The Tomcat Doctor then successfully extracted the Supply Box from the Tech-Coffin with another order. I used the next order on the Lunokhod taking the Supply Box from the Tomcat Doctor and moving to the left side of the middle of the board. I spent the final order of the turn on the Lunokhod moving farther back towards the left side of my Deployment Zone in front of the two Mobile Brigada but leaving the Crazy Koalas on Standby near the middle line of the board; one within Boost range of the Auxilia holding a Supply Box behind the left side Tech-Coffin and the other near the middle Tech-Coffin.

NCA Turn 3

My opponent began his final turn by activating the Auxilia on the left with the Supply Box and attempted to move him back towards his Deployment Zone by Dodging the Crazy Koala's Boost attack. Unfortunately he failed his Dodge Roll and the subsequent ARM Roll killing him instantly and dropping the Supply Box. He spent the next 3 orders moving the Auxilia team near the middle of his Deployment Zone over to the middle left side of the board and fired the Heavy Flamethrower from the Auxbot at the Lunokhod and two Mobile Brigada. The Heavy Flamethrower didn't have the range to either Mobile Brigada and failed to damage the Lunokhod after it successfully made its ARM Roll. The Auxbot took fire from both Mobile Brigada in ARO and was damaged leaving it in Unconscious State Level 1. My opponent then spent an order moving the TO Camouflage Marker on the right side forward and took multiple shots at the Tomcat Doctor and both Mobile Brigada revealing it to be a Hexa with Spitfire. The Tomcat Doctor fired back with her Light Flamethrower but didn't have the range to hit the Hexa and, while both Mobile Brigada successfully Dodged the first round of shots, the Mobile Brigada Lieutenant took a crit from the second shots leaving him Unconscious. My opponent spent his final order of the game on a Coordinated Move + Shoot order to fire at the Mobile Brigada HMG including the Hexa Spitfire, the remaining Auxilia and the CSU. The CSU was unable to draw Line of Fire to the Mobile Brigada and was cut down by an ARO from the Tsyklon Spitfire while the Mobile Brigada successfully Dodged the fire from the Hexa Spitfire and Auxilia Combi Rifle with a crit Dodge.

Corregidor Turn 3

With the Mobile Brigada Lieutenant Unconscious I went into my final turn of the game in Loss of Lieutenant. I spent the Irregular Orders of the Alguacil Combi Rifle, Tsyklon, and Alguacil Light Grenade Launcher trying to take out the Hexa Spitfire eventually succeeding with the Alguacil Light Grenade Launcher (using her Combi Rifle). I spent the Mobile Brigada HMG's Irregular Order moving to and picking up the Supply Box and, with only the Auxilia able to ARO, was able to pick it up with impunity ending my turn and the game.

At the end of the game both Corregidor and NCA controlled 1 Supply Box each. Corregidor completed 2 Classified Objectives while NCA did not complete any.

Final Score:

Corregidor = 3
NCA = 1

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