Kurage Crisis


Fighting fire with fire

VS Combined Army

Having just recovered from her wounds from the previous battles Jaina once again took command of her Tunguskan strike force on Novyy cimmeria. Having gotten word that a Morat force were converging on the island she volunteered for the assignment with anticipation and a sense of satisfaction. Over the past few months she had been fighting a lot and mainly the alien threat of the combine army, which had now made a rather apparent impact on her. Her hatred of the aliens had grown and her disgust were showing whenever she were fighting then.

Knowing the operation had to be performed in foreign territory she sanctioned it with the Haqqislam high command before she made for the Duban Prospection site. The relations between Haqqislam and Nomads were for the most part a friendly and fragile one and she didn't want to be the one that jeopardized that.

She directed her forces towards the center of the Haqqislam controlled facility in silence as the Morats made for the site, not a clue that the Nomads were encircling them as the Haqqislam forces missdirected them.

Knowing the nature of morats tactics to be focused almost exclusively on aggression the Tunguskan forces deployed with solid defensive tactics and counter assault units in reserve. One tactic Jaina had seen many times before were Morat troopers going straight for the chain of command so she deployed a bit behind and in cover this time around.

“Rahim, join with Vince and Shukri on our left flank. Thea you cover our right along with Chico and Laverna. Mary and Raoul you have your orders already. Rahel, stay on the right flank but cover to the left, we know morats like to use “diplomatic solutions”. The last part she said with a smirk as she referenced the morats diplomatic corps.

Shukri could make out the form of a huge morat across a gap as she crawled up a container taking position to cover the central battle field with her sniper rifle. The Lunokhod remote moving up coming into sight of more morats. The lines were really close this time around. A perfect opportunity to get swamped by morats.

As one the Morat army howled in anger when they realized they had been played by the coalition of Haqqislam and Tunguskan forces. The rearguard of the morats turned around and started to assault the Tunguskan forces.

Smoke were thrown to cover lanes and other explosives were used to try and pin Mary in place. Though grenades and missiles were thrown her way she managed to escape umharm. As the smoke cleared not a single shot had hit home from the morats and Jaina smiled as her trap snapped shut and the Morats were cornered. The satisfaction in her voice was clear as she opened up her comms.

“That wasn’t so bad?! Jaina said with a smile. “Raoul, Mary execute your orders. Rahel take to the left flank and take out the missile launcher. I will take the Lunokhod down the center I have an idea, the rest of you need to keep covering our position. Fire at will!”

Raoul dropped from the skies just behind a morat fireteam covering the far left flank while Shukri let her sniper rifle sing and one of the morats in the team dropped his head taken almost clean of. Raoul snuck around the building and opened up with shotgun shells at the space monkeys as Rahel circled around and engaged part of the team from the front. Leaving just one trooper alive at the end of it. As she moved Rahel dropped smoke grenades down the center and baited the morats to do the same. Completely covering of the central lane from fire.

Mary engaged one of her hacking devices and immobilized a heavy armored trooper covering their lieutenant behind some containers.

The lunokhod moved up the center, covered by smoke as it set it’s kolas to standby, knowing it probably wouldn’t survive the next move. It cleared the smoke and the container moving up right beside Kornak, the infamous morat commander. It taking fire from chain rifles and feuerbachs as it let lose the heavy shotgun at Kornak who tried to engage the remote. The shotgun shells ripping the morat commander and the nearby immobilized morat asunder and the remote itself were ripped apart in a series of explosions.

Having severely decimated the morats the anticipated diplomatic corps made their appearance near the front line, encircling to take out Shukri with its shotgun. It opened fire but Shukri was ready and dropped it with her pistol.

Raoul could she the anger in the eyes of the morat as it charged towards him, shotgun raised and firing, but Raoul to had prepared for these kinds of tactics and easily dispatched the enemy with his own shotgun.

The Tunguskan forces encircling the last survivor of the morat rearguard, it firing in all directions to bring as many humans with it as possible as it to went down to Raoul’s shotgun.

"Clean up the supplies form the panoplies as we leave. We can still aid the Haqqislam army closer to the front." Jaina closed her comms link as she strode past the field lettered with morat troopers and smiled as she did. Her hatered for the Combine army growing with each passing battle.

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