Kurage Crisis


Virtual schlimazel

Papa Ghede
VS Yu Jing

This time we prepared to meet with the chinese KGB better than usual. With us was an interventor, the best hacker in the human sphere.

We were expecting heavily armored agents, but the bots with machine guns left for the meeting and the interventor reported that he felt the presence of enemy hackers. Suddenly!

1-1) The first to start acting was the chinese. The machine-gun TR-bot started the attack from the right flank. Surprise, bad machine! Behind the column, inaccessible for his shooting, spektr appeared from nowhere! And, instead of attack, just put a flashing box on the floor.

It was a bad day for the interventor Dranan Kosak. One by one, attacks on the interface of the enemy bot failed. Finally managed to turn off his transmitter, but how much time it took!

Suddenly, a warcor, arrived with the chinese, came to the center of the base. Maybe this is a new kind of their agents? It is for sure. The warcor was able to discern the zero behind the antenna and … rushed at him with a knife! Zero also snatched the blade, but this did not help him. Several lightning movements and nomad scout froze in a pool of his own blood.

1-2) We need to draw the teeth off from their bots! These mashines of suppression do not allow us to move! Dranan attacked and attacked. But damned security systems repulsed attacks! Such a thing has never happened once during career of interventor . Sometimes, the attacks not passing, but 8 times in a row! And it’s still enemy hackers do not participate, it just cracking into the bot!

Screaming furiously, morlok ran forward, throwing smoke grenades. This allowed the taskmaster-datatracker to advance to the center of the base and shoot down the chinese agent – designated target of the mission. Good work, sergeant!

Score: 5-0

2-1) It’s strange, the chinese are not in a hurry to attack. The downing of a morlok, that has been fuzzy from drugs, do not count. They shot repeaters scattered by the moderators and tryed to advance on the right flank.

2-2) The time to advance! Once a hacker can not deal with the bot, it will be done by a specialist of another profile. Taskmaster destroys the TR-bot with machine gun. Spektr dealt with celestial guard on the right flank. The hacker is again picking on chinese bots, with no apparent result. How fast time flies…

Score: 5-0

3-1) Who is this? Ninja! They rebelled! What is he doing here? He wants to kill our agent, their designated target. Fortunately, the fire of the moderator, the taskmaster and the zero managed killed the saboteur before someone was hurt. And our agent just dodged the impact of the saber of a dying ninja. But it seems that the chinese attack has choked. Although they succeeded in smashing the Taskmaster with a powerful machine-gun fire and seriously injuring the militiaman, they completely lost the initiative and go on the defensive.

3-2) In the distance you can hear the sound of engines! Whoever it is, we do not need to meet with them. Time is of the essence. Forward! We fill the chinese positions with fire. Under the cover, on the left flank zero made his way and plants the repeater. Again, time for the interventor – to turn off the last TR-bot. However, the plans change – the enemy hacker in the radius of the repeater’s range! Combat programs are running, biotech protection is ready. Strike through the virtual space… and the best hacker in the human sphere settles into dust. From his helmet goes a light smoke. What a shame for the interventor – to lose the duel to the celestial guard.

Announced evacuation, zero gives a burst from the combi-rifle to TR-bot, which the loser -hacker should have turned off. He did not even have time to turn – something inside exploded and the bot fell on its side, smoking.

Evacuating, we calculate the losses. It seems that we were badly bruised. But the task is completed, this is the main thing.

Score: 5-2

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