Kurage Crisis


Incompetent Star Co. operatives take on the superior ALEPH AI

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“Target scanned, all info extracted from the target, time to leave” Said the Bandit. The Bandit heard a whirring noise and then watched as what he had assumed to be a lamp post unfolded in to some kind of comms equipment. “ALEPH is here! Prepare to fight!” he exclaimed over the radio as he lowered his shotgun and blasted the Netrod.

“Stick to the plan, get to the consoles!” Said Senor Massacre. “On it” Said the Brigada hacker on the right flank, she looked around before carefully climbing a nearby ladder which lead to her closest console. Once she was on the roof she caught a glimpse of something appear on a nearby roof top, the reflection of a scope. The Brigada drew her combi rifle, but before it could be fired she caught a bullet in her chest and another in the face.

“Wait, who is that on the roof? Wait, it’s one of those idiot warcors, how did they even know about this operation?” Said Senor Massacre. The warcor threw her F1dg3t model drone in to the air towards something, that’s when he saw them – ALEPH had an operative with a rocket launcher across from the warcor, and she was stupid enough to try and film them with her drone. The large ALEPH man turned to see the warcor and fired a rocket at her, taking her out in a fiery blast.

“We need to take out the sniper so my team and I can move out and deal with that guy with the rocket launcher, someone flash pulse the sniper or something, just make it happen” said Senor Massacre, in response to the order a nearby Alguacil took aim and fired his flash pulse at the Dasyu sniper, but got his face blown off in response.

“I’ve got this!” Said the largest Brigada in Senor Massacre’s squad, and poked out to face the sniper, firing his heavy machine gun at the sniper. Not a single bullet hit the Dasyu. The Dasyu took aim and shot the Brigada directly in the head, blasting his helmet off. The Brigada stumbled and hit the ground with a loud thud. “I really wish you idiots would tell me what you’re intending to do before you just do it.” said Senor Massacre, as he threw a smoke grenade without informing his squad of his intent to do so. “Daktari! Get him up!” the Daktari remembered the last time she had tried to revive someone mid combat, she very, very carefully took her MediKit out of her bag, making sure not to drop it and then injected the Brigada in his neck, letting the nanobots bring him back in to the fight.

Another ALEPH figure approached on the roof above the man with the rocket launcher, this one had a feurbach. An alguacil on a balcony opposite took aim with his flash pulse and blinded the newcomer, catching him unaware. The large man with the rocket launcher saw the alguacil and lowered his weapon to fire, but was also blinded by a second flash of light. a warcor ran past the man with the rocket launcher and fired his own flash pulse at the alguacil, but fell over when the alguacil shot him in the knee with his combi rifle. “I better get a promotion for th-” said the Alguacil over the radio, but was cut short as a bullet from the Dasyu’s sniper rifle shot him in the hand, the bullet then ricocheted off the rifle and hit him in the thigh, dropping him. To his left he also saw the HMG mobile brigada fall after being shot as well.

The bandit sat concealed, waiting to strike. He wasn’t ready for what came next. A gigantic man with a combi rifle in each hand rushed around the corner to face the bandit, firing the combi rifles which looked as big as pistols at the him, the bandit was quick and fired his adhesive launcher at the giant, coating his legs and arms in thick layer or expanding poly cement. It dried immediately, stick the giant in place, or so the bandit thought. With a furious yell Ajax broke out of the glue, shattering it in a display of superhuman strength. The bandit tried to dive behind a nearby wall but was hit by a bullet and fell to the ground. The bandit coughed up a torrent of blood and looked up at Ajax, the last thing he saw was 2 combi rifles being aimed at him.

A nearby Jaguar threw smoke down over the fallen hmg brigada “Daktari get him up again!” shouted senor Massacre. The Daktari was very careful, and managed to stabilize the mobile brigada once more. “Once we’re done here, I fucking quit!” Said the mobile brigada. “Let’s get to the console, get what we need, then we’ll leave” said Senor Massacre. “No, this is suicide!” said the brigada. Too lately, Massacre threw an eclipse grenade and was running towards the console. “Stick to the plan, he’s run in! go!” said the Brigada as the team ran in to position. “Daktari, work the console while we cover you!” “But I’m a doctor! I don’t know anything about this stuff!” “JUST DO IT!”. The Daktari ran through the smoke to console. She didn’t know what to do so she just pressed some buttons. Nothing happened. The console then turned off. “WHO EVEN HIRED YOU!” shouted Senor Massacre. The Daktari started swearing at Senor Massacre in Swahili when suddenly there was a loud bang and her head exploded like a grape. Senor Massacre turned to see an ALEPH woman with a boarding shotgun had appeared behind a nearby crate. Senor Massacre tried to throw another eclipse grenade in an attempt to cover his squad but got shot in the chest before he could pull the pin. The brigada dropped his machine gun as the shot from the boarding shotgun pierced through Senor Massacre and hit him in the shoulder, before collapsing. Before Senor Massacre could regenerate, Ajax appeared down the street and fired on him. Senor Massacre played dead, slowing his regeneration as much as he could.

The Dasyu sniper took aim and picked off the remaining two brigada members of the team.

“Withdraw, it’s over” said one of the two Alguaciles left on the field. “No, if I can secure the central building this will have all been worth it” said the other Alguacil, he then hopped the barricade and ran for his objective. A rocket impacted next to the alguacil and incinerated him in a bright white flash.

“At least we got payed up front for this job.” said the alguacil to the jaguar as they both left the battlefield.

Succeful doctoring!

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