Kurage Crisis


Catgirl Acquisition

VS Nomads
Jesus Pyotrovich Kowalsky

Hassassin Bahram vs Tunguska – Acquisition 200pts, 8xp Spec-Ops, at Johny-5.

Hassassins arrive at Johny 5 base lured with promise of luscious catgirls that need rescuing. They encounter Tunguskan bouncers deployed to protect their merchandise.


Hassassins fail Initiative roll and get forced to deploy first. They take first turn. Ghazi gets deployed behind a central building, ready to run the middle. Ghulam link deploys to the right behind and around a building offering a view on central objective as well as easy access to the right side console. The Asawira Haris is deployed on the very left, with easy access to leftmost console and a short walk away from a building chosen as a target for Demolition classified Objective.

The Tunguskans deploy Securitates all over central building and subway entrance, mixed with Wpupebots for a walk of death for any impersonator. The Wpupe Master is off to their left flank and is too much of a lure for Hassassin Fiday reserve who infiltrates next to him. The Tunguskan Hollow Man gets deployed in chaincolt range of the disguised assassin.

Bahram Turn 1

Julalu-d-din al-Ghazi runs forward and deploys some smoke. He creeps ever closer to the Securitate link only to remember all too late they are all veteran lvl1. D’oh! At least he throws smoke to cut off a fireline the Securitate with Feuerbach is holding against Asawira. I decide against attacking the Wpupe Master with the Fiday as I cannot guarantee his death before the Fiday dies to Hollow Man and there are healer bots attached to Spec Ops doc nearby. This is the biggest mistake ever.
The Asawira haris then advances, clicking the leftmost console and deploying D-Charges on their target, then move back around the console and detonate the charges for a classified objective.

Tunguska Turn 1

Surprised they still have their all orders, the Tunguska commander starts by discovering the Impersonation with the Hollow Man. Then Majdala al-Fiday is forced to react and successfully throws smoke against Hollow Man’s breaker pistol. She is presented with a zondbot into melee.
The Spec Ops then tries to shoot the Julalu-d-din al-Ghazi who critically smokes.
The Hollow Man then kills the Muyib HRL and jumps into air, killing Raaheel al-Ghulam Doc. He remains unscathed.

Bahram Turn 2

With 2 models already down, Majdala al-Fiday tries to break free and do what she should in the first place. Anything above 7 and the dice comes at 4. Typical.
Since Jamil al-Asawira and Alyasaa al-Muyib Doc are pretty much where they want to be (Asawira being a datatracker I don’t want to risk him against linked Feuerbach ARO) I redeploy the Julalu-d-din al-Ghazi backwards in the hope he will be able to cover Asawira next turn. Then the Ghulam link repositions and clicks and secures the rightmost console.

Tunguska Turn 2

The Wpupebots go on a rampage and destroy the Julalu-d-din al-Ghazi and Suleiman al-Ghulam FO. Only exceptional rolling by Hassan al-Husam stop them standing looking at each other.
The Zondbot leaves melee with electrocuted Majdala al-Fiday and a Securitate comes leisurly to shoot her with a combi.

Bahram Turn 3

There is still hope. I dominate consoles for 3, I have my classified, if anybody lives near the center I prevent the Secure HVT. And Asawira needs to survive in the middle.
Jamil al-Asawira moves around the leftmost console and shoots the Wpupebot with APrifle doing no damage. Pressed with low order count, he then breaks cover and advances, causing the Wpupebot to become ravaged and breaking from the line of fire to it. The second-to-last order is a coordinated one, with Muhammad al-Rashid, Ameen al-Ghulam HMG and Jamil al-Asawira advancing. The last order is coordinated suppression on Asawira, Ghulam Lt, Ghulam HMG and Muyib Doc. Hopefully it will be enough.

Tunguska Turn 3

Wpupebots don’t care. They advance and shoot down the Hassan al-Husam. Then the suppressing Muhammad al-Rashid. Then the suppressing Ameen al-Ghulam HMG. Then they shoot Jamil al-Asawira in the back and he fails all ARM rolls and dies. Then Securitate Data Tracker leisurly comes down the ladder and walks to the Catgirl coffin, undoubtedly taking the poor creature back to whatever wicked pleasure house she had hopes of escaping.


Loss 3-7.

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