Kurage Crisis


Nomad incursion

VS Nomads

Namads failed 2 WIP rolls in a row allowing PanO to win the second one. I chose deployment and Chris ‘MeekRebel’ chose to go first. Following the success of my Bolt list in my other game at Ops-Centre I decided to run the list again as familiarity would help. I deployed my units in a similar style to last time but with both the Black Friar and Locust on different rooftops in the centre of the board.

Round 1

I chose to try and reduce Chris’ order pool by 2 orders, but counter intelligence came in to play allowing me to only remove 1. I did so anyway. Chris ran his Krakot out with it’s impetuous order towards the bolts. The next order was again directed at the Bolts with his Kriza peeking out and slipping back in to cover but doing enough to gain LOF on the Bolt carrying the spitfire. The bolt lost the ensuing F2F and took 2 hits, failing one and going unconscious. First blood to the Kriza.

The Krakot pushed forwards now that there was only 1 not 2 Bolts to deal with, however the Bolt with Combi did manage to take down the Krakot and survive the chain rifles. A camo marker that was on top of the building now activated and a rooftop engagement took place between the marker and my Locust. The Locust dodged the first attack but now the surprise element from the attack was gone he contested the second attempt and came out victorious! One Zero out for the count on top of the building.

The Morans now moved up towards the link team, with one intending to go towards the objective and another to take up the centre of the table. The bolts exchanged fire with one putting him in to unconscious state and the other moved within ZOC range of the Locust. An attempt to blackout the repeater failed which was unfortunate because Mary Problems then made the locust leave the game. The Moran now moved on to the bolts, with a final result of one bolt dead in exchange for the Moran.

My turn. I started by getting rid of Mary Problems by getting the black friar to put a load of multi rifle rounds in to her with his MSV2 seeing through her defences. She didn’t like that and went the same way as my locust. I reformed the Bolt link with the ‘6th’ Bolt to make a 4 man link now that 2 were gone and them repositioned the Bolts to try and give them a chance for the last round push on to the objectives.

I now moved my Swiss Guard. He started to push down the right hand side of the board to conduct a surprise attack on his Kriza. It was going so well until that warcor got involved! He succeeded in discovering the Swiss Guard, although the Swiss Guard was now out of LoF of everyone at the end of the order, there seemed little point in trying to camo up to do a surprise shot. Instead I launched a hacking attack to Imm-1 the Kriza, which succeeded leaving me 1 more order to shoot the Kriza and hope to at least take a wound. 2 hits, both saved ruined that plan.

Round 2

So now my Swiss Guard is in full sight of the Kriza and a firefight ensues. Over the course of 5 orders the Kriza receives 1 wound and the Swiss 2 leaving him unconscious. Chris then spent the orders he had left healing the Kriza with his doctor and then moving up 2 jaguars and a heckler. He put 1 Jaguar in ARO ready to take on the Bolts if they poked their heads out and another to ARO the Black Friar. The heckler attempted to use his jammer on the Black Friar but it failed to take hold.

OK, so ‘5’ orders left, well the first thing I did was bring on a 6th in the form of the Hexa KHD, I moved him out in marker state before doing a surprise shot on the Jaguar and taking him off the table. I then moved around a building to get a LOF on the Heckler who also died. That all took 3 orders so I now spent the 4th order moving the Black Friar now he didn’t have the heckler to worry about and he took care of the other Jaguar pinning the bolts. An order on the bolts to get them closer and ready to react to any move on the tech coffin in the middle. With my final order I put the Hexa back in to marker state.

Round 3

Chris now moved the Doctor and Kriza in to action, his Doctor managed to heal the unconscious Moran from round 1 but died from a shotgun blast in the process. The Moran now sprinted over to the Antenna to control and connect it, hoping to survive the armour save. He succeeded in the WIP roll to connect it but fell to the floor unconscious again thanks to the bolts shotgun. Finally the Kriza moved on the tech coffin. This was tense! The Bolt ML was hitting on 10’s with B2, and at first we thought the Kriza was hitting on 13’s. I rolled an excellent roll of 8 and 9, but a 12 from the Kriza got through…. Until we double checked the range and realised the Kriza wasn’t in the +3 band and actually was also hitting on 10’s! 6 armour rolls later and the Kriza was smoke. A camo token was also in the blast area and turned out to be a mine that was covering the tech coffin so I was glad that was removed.

So it’s currently 1-0 but there is very little to hold me back from scoring points now except for order count. I have 2 command tokens and 6 orders and a Lt order but nothing outside the deployment zone except for the Hexa in TO and he’s no where near the closest Antenna. Order efficiency it is a must. 1, move the link and start getting them on the floor and heading in the right direction. 2, move them further towards the tech coffin and antenna. I now realise the link is going to help me get some points but if I want maximum points its the end of the link.

I activate the bolt Lt who was already moving off towards the antenna and using her Lt order get her on the antenna to control it even though she’s unable to WIP it. I now run a coordinated order with the 3 bolts and hexa to move them all towards their relevant objectives while all staying out of LOF. A second coordinated allows the 3 bolts to move on to the tech coffin and the hexa to get within 1 short movement of the antenna. The great thing here is that as it’s a coordinated order not a link, all of them can shoot at the sin eater covering the tech coffin. Chris focuses all 4 dice on to the data tracker bolt and 2 manage to beat the f2f, a failed armour roll and the data tracker is unconscious denying me 2 OP. The sin eater goes down to the 2 shots from the other bolts who are controlling the tech coffin at the end of the order. 2 orders remaining and all I have to do is WIP roll the second antenna with the hexa. PanO WIP failed the first attempt but made the second attempt. Combined with the fact I was contesting the HVT it resulted in a 7-1 win for PanO!

MeekRebel is a long time infinity friend I sadly don’t get to play much any more due to life moving us further apart from each other so it was great to play a game together again which we both enjoyed. The score really didn’t reflect how close a game it was. I was in my own half most of the game, if the Kriza had succeeded in getting on to the tech coffin and won the F2F with the ML then I really don’t think I could have shifted him with enough orders to also get on to the target.

The battlefield
Taking care of Mary Problems
Swiss guard and kriza have a duel
Locust Vs zero
Thank you for playing kriza, now go home!
Bolts holding the tech coffin at the end of the game
Hexa on the antenna
Bolt Lt controlling the antenna with a Moran unconscious at her feet

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