Kurage Crisis


Aleph vs Aleph failed revenge

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We try to take revenge for the past defeat. Instead of Hector take Marut. I lose the Cup, I go second. Opponent brings Kracot and spending all the orders to throw grenades Danava, she dies and the first proxy engineer. Then on the thumb, I have a hack of Maruta and he cleans my deployment killing 5 orders. On my first move, I have a loss of Lieutenant and Marut is back but the order doesn’t generate. Patroklos out the melee kills, proxy hacker, and Marat for the translated orders is killing the Krakot. On the second turn the opponent puts it ahead of Achilles in hand-to-hand kills Patroclus and Marat, the game ended with the retreat.

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  • Blitchga says:

    Congratulations on your victory commander!

    I would love to see a bit more narrative weaved into things in the future if possible.

  • DFLYNSQRL says:

    LOL, I was confused about what was going on until I realized it was Aleph vs Aleph.

  • Alexander the Great says:

    All those Aleph vs Aleph fights. Must be some bug 😛