Kurage Crisis


Playing with the AI toys


To: The Tohaa High Command
From: Sukeul Commander Retaa
Re: The battle over continued control of the Armory at B-Hutts

Our teams continue our hold over this armory. We know of its importance as we are here. Were this place not important to the ongoing strategy of this crisis, we would not be here.

We heard the toys of their AI approaching. We've been holding a part of the armory, but holding the whole things is tiresome, there are many rooms and they appear to be spread out. The AI started advancement on a new room we had yet to secure.

Our field of play

As you may remember our team consists of 4 triads.
1. My own triad: Sukeul K1, 2 Viral Heavy Flame Makauls. We like to get in close.
2. Sukeul Missile Launcher, Gao-Rael Sniper and Kamael Paramedic.
3. Sukeul Missile Launcher, Kaeltar (symbiot bombs), and a Kamael
4. Unlinked but together in spirit, three Viral Heavy Flame Makauls.

There are a few more, including CoC Kaeltar Specialist with Symbiot mates, Chaksa Auxiliar and Nikoul on overwatch.

Nikoul, Gao-Rael, and my Sukeul Compatriots took up positions on the rooftops to view what the toys had planed.

We eyed the toys. Nikoul and Gao-Rael spotted one of the Asura model, Deva model, and some Myrmidons. From my knowledge of the toys, I determined the Deva to be in command. It was hiding in the back and wasn't in a position we could take it out. The Asura toy has a spitfire, a bad choice to hold the room -- we saw this as an advantage. The myrmidons would be difficult, but we are pretty sure they are too stupid to know how to combat us. We have our MSV in case they approach.

They started trying to access the armory room. The Proxy hacker approached and the door closest to them and opened the door.

Proxy Hacker opening the door closest to the Aleph Toys
Kealtar Specialist (bombs) was seen by the Dakini Toy.

One of the Kaeltar specialists must have been seen. The Dakini started along the side to flank us. It must have been enhanced with Assisted Fire as it seemed to ignore cover and it's shots were extra lethal. It managed to kill the Kaeltar and a fellow Sukeul. Finally a Makaul killed the enhanced toy before it dies itself.

With our right ranks reduced, we knew the toys were aware of us. We knew they wanted to secure the room FROM us. We needed to avenge the deaths of our fallen comrades at the hands of the dumb toy.

Going into this, I chose to keep the Makaul Triad on a short leash and not link them. They impetuously ran forward closing some distance. One was seen and flashpulsed approaching a netrod, the other 2 advanced on the armory.

I, with my two Makauls advanced down the left side of the field. I started toward the forward door, but then realized a far better plan. I knew they would angle to confront a direct assault from the front. I approached the side door such that we weren't visible on open of the door. Once open, I sent in a Makaul to clear the room. His two flamethrowers landed perfectly to take out everything in the area that could threaten the room.

I took up position in the building. I and my makauls held the position hard

Readying for their advance, I took position in the building with my makauls and a Chaksa ready to defend. I also took the opportunity to pull an item from the panoply -- it was a Panzerfaust, unfortunately not as helpful as I would have hoped.

The toys approached and assaulted me repeatedly. My brethren were barely able to help due to the direction of their approach and our loss of control of the firelanes to our right.

In this assault I finailly took enough blows to loos my mate and my armor. I stood strong, but it was futile. after 10+ hits I finally lost consciousness. My brethren didn't reach me in time to keep me standing, but they did reach me in time to stop their onslaught.

Repeatedly, from within smoke the myrmidon used his chain-rifle in attempt to take me out.

Finally my brethren arrived. The Kameal Paramedic in the arriving triad managed to get me on my feet enough to tell me what was going on. His triad took up my station (I knew I could trust a fellow Sukeul) as he dragged me away.

We finished that day by killing all that came.

As expected, the toys were unsuccessful.

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