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Which way is Panoc-23

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Senor Massacre
VS PanOceania

This was a game that just didn’t go to plan. I’ve been doing well playing CHA, but thought I’d try out USAriadna for a change. I chose deployment and Orvar took the initiative. I got off to a bad start when I tried infiltrating. Only one of my two Grunts passed his infiltration roll. A Hardcase managed to infiltrate in front of the objective room, but I failed rolls to infiltrate with another Hardcase and a Foxtrot. I put the failed infiltrators at the sides of the deployment area so that the Fusilier Link team wouldn’t be able to see them. I had my Grunt link team on the opposite side of the table with the sniper covering it.

Pano started with a Hexas sniper coming out of hidden deployment and killing my sniper with his Multisniper rifle. The Hexas killed the Foxtrot Ranger and (non-ifiltrating) Grunt before the Hardcase managed to dodge into cover. They moved an Auxbot up to cover my Camoed Hardcase, eventually killing her. I tried shooting several times with my infiltrated Grunt, but failed either to hit or damage the bot. Then a Bulleteer moved up and shot the Grunt.

I decided to try to take out the Bulleteer which was on suppressive fire covering the objective room. My Airborne came in behind it, but all got shot before they could attack the REM. It was about the worst result I’ve had playing Infinity, and I’ll think twice about using Infiltration again. Next time we’ll get those stuck-up toffs…

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