Kurage Crisis


The battle for the antennas

VS Nomads
PaPa Ghede

Asya listened to the report of the Torokotai squad: "Agata is on position, Xin is on position , Boreas is on position" The last one was Nadezda, the eldest of the Torokites: "I'm on the roof, commander" Agata with a light rocket launcher and Xin were on the left flank, Boreas was in the center. Asya was on the right edge, and Nadezda was located on the roof of a small hangar between Boreas and Asya. According to intelligence, a detachment of primitives just arrived and was right now occupying positions on the opposite side. Territory was a platform filled with containers and abandoned construction equipment, with several hangars along the edges. But there were five antennas on it, they were of interest.

(1-1) Well, Asya thought, it's time to start. Asya quickly ran to the front of the car and cautiously peeked out from behind her . Thanks to the mutispectral visor, she immediately saw the sniper of the enemy sitting on the roof of the hangar on the opposite side of the hangar. "Nadia, at 11:30 from you sniper on the roof" "Understood, commander," Nadia responded, after a few seconds Asya heard Nadia's light machine gun bolts. "Clear, commander" reported Nadia. Asya ran to the rightmost antenna. Halfway to the road, she noticed a suspicious stir at the nearest truck. Asya ran up to him, pressed her back to the cab of the truck, and looked out from behind the edge of the cab. On the other side of the truck, as Zero pressed himself against the cockpit, he did not seem to be doing his best. - Here's a clown - Asya thought, quickly sweeping Asya's cabin away like a spear, the Zero somehow miraculously spun and the blow went slipping on the helmet that burst like an egg shell from the impact of the asura. Asya struck again, zero grunted and fell. After another couple of steps, Asya discovered a stream of encrypted enemy data, quickly opening a parallel channel to copy all the data to the tactical headquarters, let them understand what it is (completed classified). And she needs to evaluate the disposition. - So - Asya thought - I'm one far away, if primitives run in, there's no one to cover me ... No need to go back to the center, there's an antenna there too. (Antenna control)

(1-2) On the left flank, Agatha and Xin gazed at the opposite side of the field, Xin periodically shot in that direction. Agatha saw the building on the other side clouded with smoke, another grenade flew out of that cloud. Another cloud of smoke is closer. Another grenade, a new cloud covered Xin. From the cloud, a furious cry was heard, and then Xin rolled out of the cloud. Immediately from this cloud flew a cloud of red-hot shrapnel hitting directly into Agatha, the strong armor of torokit saved the girl. From the cloud with a skewed face jumped out a Morlock shooting on the run from the assault pistol to Xin. Asya listened as the Morlock cried to the left and almost looked over as someone whisked toward the antenna on the opponent's side. (Antenna control)

End of the first round: Aleph: 2 (classified, control equal number of antennas with the enemy) Nomads: 1 (control equal number of antennas with the enemy)

(2-1) The hacker of primitives, who else could be there - Asya smiled to herself - So, we raise the firewall and see who the real hacker is. Asya ran to the enemy's antenna and finds the hacker's gateway. Sent two packets with Redrum. The hacker of primitives was swept away, Asya felt directly his panic - to run, to reset, to attack in response ... Asya took another couple of steps - Well, it can not be so simple - well, just a little further behind the truck lay another primitive. Clear. Having rounded the antenna Asya reached the corner of the hangar next to which there was an antenna, looked out to the left. Another primitive, a short burst and he fell. Almost immediately a strong blow in the back, Asya turned around. Quite far on the edge of the platform was a small cafe, among the chairs and tables there was hiding an enemy fighter. "Stupid me, got myself in danger” - Asya ran back to the antenna, firing at the enemy. He shot back, Asya, as though pierced by a hot

needle - That's a bastard ... - Asya took the position behind the antenna and opened fire in the direction of the cafe. (antenna control) In the meantime, Nadia noticed a Morlok from the roof and opened fire on it. From the lineup only one bullet casually caught him.

(2-2) Asya was waiting for the fighter who wounded her, when two strong blows in the back nearly knocked her down, another fire needle stuck in her back, sharply turning. Asya saw another zero. - Yes, where did you come from? - Zero once again threw shotgun - He hits with armor piercing, you have to cut - Asya rounded the antenna, after a shot rushed, one bullet passed by, the second was stuck in the armor. Zero ran after her, ran the antenna and again shot almost at close range, two more bullets were stuck in the armor. On the left flank, the Morlock slipped past Xin turned and released another cloud of red-hot shrapnel. Xin and Agatha saved the armor. Nadia from the roof continued to shoot at Morlock and he jumped like a mad buffoon, laughing and waving his hands, disappeared behind a small postal minibus.

End of the second round: Aleph: 4 (control of more antennas) Nomads: 1

(3-1) Agatha watched as the Morlok escaped and took a position behind the minivans. Xin rushed to the other side of the minibus, at this moment the morlock leaned out of its shelter and again covered the girls from the chain rifle. Xin fell down, Agata barely managed to evade the shot. Agatha fired two rockets at Morlok, but he jumped back and completely disappeared behind the minibus. And judging by his insane laughter, he did not suffer at all. Asya randomly fired back trying to do the impossible, squeezed into the narrow gap between the wall of the hangar and the antenna. Together with a wave of pain, a new wave began to roll in, a wave of panic. Asya with effort of will suppressed panic: "Squad, I fell under the tight fire of the enemy, support is required." First answered Nadia: "I see your position commander, I open fire," Boreas immediately answered: "Hold on to the commander, I'm moving towards you." Around the Zero, the bullets whistled, he deftly leapt behind the tractor, which he hid from the Nadia machine-gun fire. But almost immediately he was covered by a cloud of Boreas nanopulser. Boreas not trying to hide, just blocked his commander from the primitive sat in the cafe. Short burst struck him, then ran to the corner of the hangar, gave two more short bursts - "Clear commander" - joyfully reported Boreas. Asya meanwhile was looking at the lying Zero, the Zero that almost killed her. He was unconscious, but his chest still heaved up. In some strange irrational impulse Asya removed her hands from the console of the antenna and took her gun over the barrel. Asya walked slowly in the direction of the unconscious zero, lifting her gun above her head, coming to a tight breath, and sharply lowering the gun down.

(3-2) Morlok emerged from the other side of the minibus and ran towards Agatha. Agatha shot him, but the Morlok dodged and continued to run straight for her. Agatha pulled the knife from its scabbard, the morlock jumped madly on it - "That shit" the girl had time to think ...

End of the third round: Aleph: 4 Nomads: 1

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