Kurage Crisis


Undersea Slaughter

Yu Jing

Yu jing ISS face off against the steel phalanx while attempting to gain access to Kurage station

The forces deployed

The Wu Ming Linked HMG puts a wound on Eudoros

The link team destroys a pesky netrod

The HMG puts a wound on Machaon and he ducks away and also destroys Alke behind her cover

The Garuda infiltrates beside the myrmidon officer and Eudoros. It finishes of Eudoros and puts a wound on the Officer.

The Link team sets up for the enemy counter.

The Agema stands up under smoke and attempts to destroy the Panzerfaust Wu ming but is exploded.

Myrmidon spitfire attempts to shoot things but doesn't do much.

The Garuda destroys the designated target after finishing off the Myrmidon Officer and disregarding enemy AROs. Meanwhile the Kanren and Ninja capture various objectives putting the ISS ahead on consoles.

Lastly the Link team move around on top of the buildings disassembling any Aleph they see finishing with Machaon and the Myrmidon Spitfire leaving the enemy in loss of lieutenant and retreat.

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Yu Jing