Kurage Crisis


Homeland defence

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VS Combined Army

Even on our return to the base the Combined army threat kept hot on our tail. We were tracked the entire way back to the OP Center, and forced to make a defensive. We found a small compound on the outskirts of Panoc 23 and started fanning out. Our goal was to activate the satellite antenna’s and send a warning back to the base to allow them some preparation time in case we failed.

It was looking bleak, out battle weary force had trouble finding some traction on the battle field. The bulleteer found itself in a fire fight with an overdron HRL in bad range, and narrowly survived initial contact, while the locust attempted to lay a clumsy trap. The locust paid for his hastiness when a Grenade was tossed from out of his field of view. The daturazzi responsible laughing wickedly.

Then a swarm of the underling creatures they keep in their ranks pushed against out lines. Moving too fast to target properly the Gaki’s were upon us and tearing our bots apart. We were losing the battlefield advantage in a hurry.

The Swiss guard had to make some moves. He revealed from his hidden deployment and single Hadley removed the Gakis presence, then climb up a wall to make a decent foreign position on the overdron. DIRECT HIT! The Swiss guards missile launcher slammed into the overdron and left it decimated and beyond repair. While this was happening the daturazzi was distracted and allowed our hexa hacker to land a few combi rifle shots in its chest, continuing her push she easily evaded the overwatch from a unidron to secure the first objective. Then the Deva made a push for the other objective and secured it as well.

We were thinking we had an opportunity to turn this around, that’s when the second offensive came. A hulk of a beast moved into hacking range and melted the Deva’s brains. One objective down. The beast was land locked now though, as the hexa spitfire has been defending the objective with suppressive fire. All this while a yaogat spitfire moved to put the pressure on the hexa hacker holding the other objective. Miraculously she was able to land a hit through a hail of bullets, that would be short crlebraated as the next burst brought her down. We still had the nodes connected, but no presence on the antenna to send the info. With a final push the Swiss guard was able to dispatch the unidron and yaogat closing in on the hexa’s console. Then a mad dash of 2 fugazzi bots was able to secure the tech coffin and one of the consoles.

We were done, everyone had their positions and we just needed to hold out long enough for the transmission to complete. That’s when the beast rolled through the tag garage and started blasting at the tech coffin fugazzi. The bots mimitism saved its life and enraged the charontid, coaxing the beast out of is safe cover. Making a mad dash for the objective the charintid found itself in the cross fire of the hexa spitfire, Swiss millile launcher, 2 combis from the link, and a flash pulse from the fugazzi. This is one story where the gods did not favour the brave.

All told we secured a major victory, and hopefully put the CA threat down for a while.

This Gaki ran through hexa combi, Swiss light shotgun, and flash pulse, and still made it to combat the bot.
Swiss guard light shotgunned 2 Gaki’s then climbed up the wall the missile launcher the overdron.
Deva hacker spot light the hvt, then moved in to secure the console.
The bot successfully dodged away and forced the Gaki to waste an extra order. In the impretuous phase the head shot into combat and landed a hit despite mods to down the Gaki. The explosion only affected the damaged bot.
Ever see pulp fiction when that dude unloads on Sam Jackson?
Nestled in tight like two bots in a rug... that’s how the saying goes right?

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  • Volgo says:

    Nice report, thank you!

  • Il Corinzio says:

    Good work and good report!!

  • Thandar says:

    It seems a great fight was won!

  • Slipp says:

    Nope… missile launcher on 18’s v rocket launcher on 11’s. That was horrible math. It was necessary though. After loosing the locust and the bulleteer there were no many options available short of bringing the link out for basically the same math and more orders (cause max 32” shots can’t get that HRL in a bad range band). So I relied on my 70pts model to win me the game.

  • FrKn Zenon Berg says:

    Good report 🙂 Getting the firing angle by climbing the Swiss… was that the best route?

    Oh, and I hope that Gakis stay at gone so I don’t get eaten! 🙂

  • Slipp says:

    The arrows are reasonably easy. It’s a option on my iPhone camera, but I’m aware of many apps that will accomplish the same thing.

  • Titus says:

    I always admire these graphics. How do you add those arrows?

  • Kjaldir says:

    looks like a fun game 🙂

  • GregSam says:

    Great report Commander, I really the annotations in the photos!

  • Slipp says:

    It was just a video of Sam getting shot at…. I don’t know how to do that stuff, so I was surprised it even uploaded 😉

    And thanks man. I really feel like I found my groove with Pano. We both know it’s actuslky 7.5-0-0 as per your grace.

  • Blitchga says:

    Video doesn’t seem to be working.

    Nice work man. A clean 8-0-0 record. You are the man to beat!