Kurage Crisis


Assault in Duban

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VS Haqqislam

Report of Battle by StealRam:

The soldiers had heard that Duban guarded valuable minerals and raw materials, so we sent a small command to find out the stories they told.

That command was in charge of our General “Deadshot” one of our best snipers who honorably won his rank and nickname for excellent marksmanship; in support of our Lieutenant Joseph who had a very capable team with him. Finally and as a force in the team we had two Devil Dog of the trio of Gentlenwolf Lord Magnus accompanied by his Antipode Hiena and Errol who had made good relationship with Redmoon; Morgan had gone to another battalion supporting our Caledonian compatriots.

As far as “Deadshot” will tell us, it was not a simple mission, it seemed that everything was going well at the beginning, one of the heavy boys of the Grunt squadron had successfully infiltrated near the enemy to prepare the heavy flamethrower, while the other Grunt stayed to cover Magnus; “Deadshot” he told two of his Blackjack corporals, to support him from the rear. Strangely the environment became increasingly cold so one of our artillery observers saw controllers to turn on some heaters in the area; This was camouflaged to power the machinery without being seen.

The General “Deadshot” checked the area that there were no nearby Haqquis in the far area, two enemy units had fallen; a part of him thought he heard something behind him … he was not wrong. It was almost taken by surprise, but the enemy did not have his pectoral mine What’s surprise! .- Deadshot: Cape, open your eyes very well, maybe the enemy know our positions. Cape: Yes Sir! now I see the enemy…- hey did not know the abilities of Tarik, one of the best warriors of Haqquislam; in that moment one of our grunts had fallen. The two Blackjacks they started hunting, every time Tarik crossed his sights, the shots were heard on the battlefield. Magnus had contact with Tarik but he can’t won, falling unconscious. At another time, Errol went hunting in the western area in search of the doctor to disconnect his remote, but don’t have success.

It did not take long, the units were falling until the lieutenant was hit by Tarik falling to the ground incociente, Deadshoot, who had been wounded decided to withdraw the squadron. – Deadshoot: Sorry guys, but this can not continue like this, we are left without our warriors, let’s get out of here before we freeze…

The withdrawal was imminent… but it would not be the last battle.

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