Kurage Crisis


Ninjas have kidnapped the Judge. Elite Rescue mission.

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Yu Jing

[accessing Kurage Crisis Committee accountability report]

“Ninjas have kidnapped the Honorable Judge Zhu Di (and her little pig too). Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Zhu Di?”

Your honor, help is on the way!

Ninjas having kidnapped a highly valued member of the StateEmpire, a rapid and limited response has been deployed. They’ve determined a drop off point apt for rescue before her extraction to an unknown location. The mission is extraction of the high value target. With the pet pig too, if possible. Intel also suggests that secret passageways to underground tunnels through the Kurage station are also to be found in the area. If found, reconfigure the gates for Yu Jingese control and entry. Classified Command’s Objective: Use Extreme Prejudice. Leave none alive.

The Setup

bonus if you get the pun

First Round


Third Round

Final notes

The Yu Jing Imperial Service Strike team was not able to rescue the Judge from the hands of the Japanese Secessionists. The Lieutenant Celestial Guard considers it inadvisable to continue close quarters combat with the Japanese. Their impetuous blades may prove too swift for our more moderate allies.

Standout rolls of the game:

On the JSA side, the Domaru's E/M grenade toss Critical hit really messed up the power of my team.

On my own side, the Wu Ming's Critical hit against the charging Tanko really made the game a struggle for the JSA player until the end.

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