Kurage Crisis


Operation: Adult Swim.

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Yu Jing

Only big boys allowed in this pool. A challenge was made, and Yu Jing had to answer. Secessionists said that the O-Yoroi is a superior weapons platform but they had to be proven wrong. An elite triad return the call for challenge. 150 points. Three BAMFs. Fun to be had. TAG team championship. In the one corner, weighing it at several tons: The O-Yoroi Kidobutai, the Karakuri Special Project, and Tanko!

In the other corner, from the lands of the mystic twin planets, weighing in at a combined several hundred pounds: The Hac Tao, Daofei, and Zuyong. The Invincible Trio!


First Round

JSA took initiative. The Tanko moved up in the impetuous phase unimpeded. Using the Lt order of the O-Yoroi, and some regular orders, the O-Yoroi maneuvered around buildings to near the enemy side. It at first tried to discover the Daofei on top of a bridge, but failed to spot him. Then, the O-Yoroi went to shoot the Zuyong in the corner, causing one wound but also prompting the Daofei to react like a papa bear. Splitting its burst, the O-Yoroi caused one wound against the Zuyong (who was dodging), and nothing against the Daofei who instead caused one wound against the O-Yoroi. Then it went to hide behind the building.

On Yu Jing turn, the Hac Tao took part of a coordinated order and moved to dodge the CrazyKoalas. AROs were made by the O-Yoroi, Karakuri, and Tanko but no effect. With them Koalas away, the Hac Tao made shots against the O-Yoroi and caused the mech to crumble. With one Lieutenant Order, the Daofei shot the Karakuri and caused two wounds making her go dogged. With one last order the Daofei tried to take on the Tanko but failed to deal damage.

Final Rounds

The Tanko used its Impetuous order to attack the Hac Tao, who suffered a hit from the Flammenspeer and entered the burnt state, but no wound. The Tanko then tried to hit the Daofei with a contender but the Daofei's armor prevailed.

The Hac Tao then ended the game by shooting the Tanko and causing the last wound. Yu Jing won a point through "Secure HVT" classified objective.

Final notes

Speed games like this can be unreasonably fun to me, but I probably wouldn't try it again in this kind of format for a while.

Standout roll of the game:

The Hac Tao did a critical Dodge against the Koalas, otherwise it would have been in a much worse position.

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