Kurage Crisis


Horrible deployment

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VS Ariadna

Lost the initiative, opponent chose to start. Started out great by having Uxia knock perseus down to NWI after he failed his smoke dodge. Uxia got killed by the double feurbach in response. Couple of orders later and horrible dice, everyone in the link except the LT and Boarding shotgun were dead. The sniper Spektr popped up to try and clear the table a bit starting with a Veteran Kazak. Miss, miss, miss, Hit! armor save… aaaand now the Spektr is dead. The other Spektr was also deployed horribly like the link team and attempted to move, only to get 3 aros but dodging, He proceeded to dodge around 6 successfull times dancing for his life and draining orders from the opponent. Did not get the opportunity to accomplish much of anything except annoy my opponent. So he went ahead and got wiped out never the less and sent to the morgue.

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