Kurage Crisis


March of the Machines

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VS Ariadna

The opponent started out by winning the initative and chose to go first. His Irmandinho ran out and got immediately double critted by the spitfire Hollow Man, pretty much setting the tone for the game. Uxia came up on the flank to take on the lunokhod and set off both of the Koalas instantly dieing but taking the lunokhod out. Another Irmandinho came from the side as the Datatracker and murdered the HVT on a suicide mission.

Van Zant The Man came dropping in executing the interventor LT immediately after, atempted to go for the Hollow man, but only took a wound off him, where as the hollow man turned around and gunned him down. Due to some horrible failure in moving the hollow men they got into a bad position and I was forced to run the helper bot up to the spitfire to get him back up. He got back up, got a chasseur but died again, and this time the helper bot aswell.

Now it was due or die time, the remaining 2 hollow men proceeded in all their glory to super jump parkour around the map, murdering everything in their path. A single misstep from one of the Hollow Men caused him to die to a mine. Because the Spitfire Hollow man was the datatracker I could no longer win the game, but I could tie it!

The last turn, only a couple of orders for the last Hollow Man, only one chance to get the enemy LT. He ran, he superjumped to get a shot above the cover where the enemy LT was hiding. 2 Hits! with a boarding shotgun against a pesky tiny little human Line Kazzak. He goes to check for armor save, and barely made it by rolling a 14 on one dice and 17 on the other… The hollow man failed, we could not tie or win and in the end lost the game despite the total annihilation of the Ariadna forces.

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